('love·əble') -channeling authentic loving kindness and honesty with oneself and others to such a depth that it magnetizes and excites most nearby women seeking a healthy partner to mate and breed with, or at least to practice, despite any shyness, twitching or turbulent flatulence.
"Shiraz's beaming smile and gentle, sparkling eyes suggested to her a more lovable and caring soul than any she had ever sensed before in a stylishly sexy man. Paralyzed by shyness, she dared not to take the first step and waited hopefully."
by Howler the Jester October 18, 2008
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somewun who everywun loves, either they want to fuck u or becuz ur sexy, or becuz ur just so sweet and likeable
all the guyz think she iz so lovable
by S3xyBytch March 22, 2008
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someone from twitter called nat.. @LuvloueeT
- lovable
- you are talking about nat arent you?
by natsamy June 7, 2021
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a sweet yet bi polar guy. he's great in bed and he likes having fun. he tends to be there often for people but when not he's either grounded or smoking something. he tends to scar girls' hearts and make it very dificult to be forgotten
he is very lovable.
by catherine rosa January 18, 2010
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A person who's an asshole,dickhead, or douche but is still pretty lovable because they aren't an asshole to the full extent nor a that one relentless shithead who's always giving you a hard time. A lot of sarcastic people are lovable asshole.

Can be a friend and an asshole at the same time.
Morrissey of The Smiths is a lovable asshole.
Thom Yorke of Radiohead is also a lovable asshole.
by RolphSemensDickOvensUWIDI July 20, 2011
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A fascinating and selfish character you can't quite trust but deep down you know he has potential to be good.

Think of Han solo or Don West
What do you think of Neal Caffrey? Typical lovable Rogue, I'd say
by YeFool February 4, 2019
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A lampshade designed in a dark, morbid castle it's walls damp with infestation. Professor Rhymölinkinstein is conducting an experiment inside Charlies Chauliflower Wonky Factory.
Making innovations in scientific engineering by creating many products including;
Rubber inflatables,
extra water-proof watering cans,
and furry, lovable lampshades designed to increase maternal bonds between you and your lampshade. You can learn to love it like its your own child or an old man.
The design of the lampshade was inspired by the furry grub grubs found in the Australian outback by his alter-ego Australian Ted.

the grubs grubs are vagina flowers that people pollenate by having sex with them.
Australian Ted: "so dude you comin out tonight?"
Professor Rhymölinkinstein: "nah dude...i'm getting grubby with my lovable lampshade tonight"
Australian Ted: "ah fair dude, them lampshade are frodacious"
by ANEMALost March 27, 2010