82 definitions by running out of patience

These are those tired old worn out bags that have worked the same lame ass factory job for 30 years or more and haven't advanced their knowledge since the first week. They are jealous of anyone who took the time to educate themselves and are vicious and anal. It is fun to make them squirm by waliking around with tape measures and talking in scientific or engineering terms.
"Boy, wouldn't it be nice if those scornful farm wives would retire once and for all? They haven't done anything except share recipes all goddamned day."
by running out of patience December 12, 2007
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These are the generation X and Y recent grads that are hired by clueless upper management because of their grade point average, height, and military status. More times than not they turn out to be micromanaging, arrogant, armchair employees that are afraid to roll up their sleeves and actually get involved with anything. They are more concerned about status symbols, time off, and where to eat lunch.
"Look. It's 10:30 AM. Mike should be coming in any time now. Oh, there he is. You can tell he just woke up. He pretended to be at the U doing his research this morning. Damn titty babies"
by running out of patience February 16, 2008
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Rosie the riviter was a typical world war II wife that decided to go to work in industry while their husbands were fighting the war. They decided they liked their own paychecks and many kept working. Some decided to burn their bras and become liberated. This made their husands really mad, which is hilarious in retrospect.
Look at Sharon. She really is a rosie-the-riviter wannabee, isn't she? Let's include her in the next layoff.
by running out of patience December 12, 2007
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To rape someone using a big strap-on dildo.
Did you see that hottie in the Subaru? I want her to savage me.
by running out of patience January 31, 2007
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When a republican takes the testicles and scrotum of another republican in his mouth. Sometimes they make gargling sounds. I think this is also known as felching. Really fascinating to watch.
Man, that Saudi Prince screamed like a woman when Bush tea bagged him.
by running out of patience December 16, 2008
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Usually right after lunch break in a factory, employees will fill up the six stalls in the men's room and engage in team pooping. They will talk about useless sports news while they pound one out. The medley of aroma is strangling and will make your eyes burn. If you hold your nose, you will taste it. Truly makes you wish you would have stayed in school.
"Look at Jeremy. He just experienced his first team pooping. Either you love it or you hate it. I think he hates it."
by running out of patience March 01, 2008
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When latinos take a whiz sometimes they expose their snorkel-dicks. Usually they try to hide them. Hint: Don't ever laugh and point at it.
"I giggled at that beaner's snorkel-dick and he had his switchblade at my neck instantly."
by running out of patience February 21, 2008
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