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Once in a while, for whatever reason, a rectreational drug dealer, even the most reliable and friendly ones, will make the deal fall through on purpose. This is to let the customer know who is the boss, and is usually passive-aggressive. It really can be disappointing and frustrating.
Boy, I really got chumped today by my rock and roll doctor. He said he had some lebanese blond in hand, and he said it fell through after I drove for two hours to get it. Oh well, at least I have this swagg.
by running out of patience February 28, 2009
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to be ripped off or to be make to look like a chump.
syn gypped
"Man, I got chumped by that scam artist"
by crappo July 16, 2005
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Getting dumped for a chump. It's when you're friends with some chick who you hang out with or whatever, who then starts dating some other chump and never talks to you ever again. This leaves you sitting there on a cold leather couch in your underwear playing Wii bowling, drinking stale MGD, and wondering where the hell your friends are. Then after thinking about it, you come to two logical conclusions:

1. The chick totally had a thing for you. Now that she has a boyfriend, she no longer has use for any other guys she wanted to bang. But in the end, you ended up on top because of #2 (see below):
2. The guy she's dating is totally gay and will probably end up beating her out of frustration.

Hey, you handsome hunk of man meat, weren't you supposed to hang out with Helga tonight?

No, she totally chumped me.
by cokemidget July 10, 2008
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to bust on someone so that they have nothing to say afterwards.
I chumped you.
by cool cat 131 June 28, 2003
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to look dumb and salty after somebody just said something to or about you
Yo after Milton talked to Clinton, Clinton got chumped.
by ColBawls November 11, 2009
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