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toilet paper that makes it feel as if you are wiping your ass with clouds made out of silk.
After using Charmin, my anus felt clean and refreshed.
by Johnny December 20, 2003
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Something fun to squeeze. However, squeezing the charmin results in harassment from a certain Mr. Whipple.
Lady: It's so soft, so SQUEEZABLY soft!
Mr. Whipple: Please, don't squeeze the charmin!
by Charmin Squeezer June 17, 2004
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Nathan is known as charmin among the executives at tesoro.
by coastworm October 31, 2003
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An untrustworthy person, someone who lies or bullshits alot. Also defined as a slacker or someone weak; soft like toilet paper charm pronounced "sharm" is the abbreviated word. charmed "sharmed" To get played by someone
Yo stop charmin. I ain't got time for no charmin right now. Why you trying to charm me, huh? Yo he be charmin for no reason. "Yo man she straight charmin you, why you paying for her shit anyway?" Damn, you got charmed like that!?
by Mighty Mike September 19, 2007
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A person of authority who needs the constant adulation of others to feel successful and often takes revenge when found out for abuses of authority. Hence the term "Don't squeeze the charmin".
That backstabbing jerk is not charming he's charmin.

He has slept with so many of his own students and seems to get by. Two people who ratted him out had mysterious heart attacks. I hear he knows Elton John. "Don't squeeze the charmin".

She is so cute and would never guess that she strips on the side of her banking job and has been rumored to be involved in two of her own bank's robberies. Her dad is mayor. "Don't squeeze the charmin".

He worked as ad executive for BBDO and stole from European ads of the 90's. It all backfired when BBDO ran that serial killer ad for The Super Bowl. It didn't go over well. He kept his job and got three of his friends fired. I here he's sleeping with the boss. "Don't squeeze the charmin"
by quintincrisp July 04, 2011
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When someone licks your ass from behind your balls to your tail bone in a single pass.
After she gave me a Charmin her lips stank with shit.
by Wheelerwood May 08, 2010
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