A sacred piece of worship material that loves ur bum and which people think will give u corona immunity (that's why they're selling out btw.)
Toilet paper is a sacred paper. Which is a ritual that is commonly performed, as we use it to clean?
by LazyPotatoChip March 7, 2020
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dumb middle age woman : “Hey fuck off that’s my toilet paper”
another dumb middle age
woman : “ you have a trolley full you dog
*fight over toilet paper begins*
by coughing asian March 8, 2020
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A very rare product that can only be found with in 1-5 minutes of a store opening it is often guarded by the savage kanen
Omg I got toilet paper for $100 what a deal
by Suck my lemons March 16, 2020
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Toilet paper is a thin paper substance that people use to wipe their booty

In these times of pandemic all people especially hoarders and karens will buy way to much

Toilet paper is even more sacred then hand sanitizer

Some believe that toilet paper will stop COVID-19 but no they are wrong
Ugh there’s Karen again with 500 rolls of toilet paper
I will wipe my booty with this toilet paper
by Stareintothemaggotdraw March 23, 2020
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oh fucking shit, i'm out of toilet paper
should i use my socks or my roommates towel?
by piebot October 28, 2003
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1. Hey what’s that

2: toilet paper
1. Oh what’s it for?
2. Oh you don’t know....?
by Rubyien March 15, 2020
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