1) a crappy person.

2) anything used to wipe ones ass.
1) You are an annoying butt wipe. Please leave my personal space.

2) Oooh, that was a particularly greasy shit, this is gonna take lotsa butt wipe.
by biffula November 28, 2007
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person who is an assistant to wipping another person butt
John Kerry is a butt wipe
by cody h December 5, 2005
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Fool, idiot, imbecile, wiper of other people's bottoms.
Dude, I hope your butt-wipe friend doesn't show up and wreck the party.
by Monkdunker August 26, 2003
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when you wipe your butt and your finger breaks through and you get lucky
I was using some cheap toilet paper and had a lucky butt wipe
by AMan The Man November 17, 2015
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During World wars I and II,American foot soldiers were only issued about 10 individual squares of toilet paper to keep backpack weight and volume to a minimum.If a soldier needed to wipe his butt,he would take one square of toilet paper and fold it into quarters. He would then tear out a semicircular portion from the common corner which left a hole in the middle of the paper when unfolded.He would then stick his forefinger through the hole and wipe his ass with the protruding finger. The paper was grasped at the base of the finger with the free hand while the soiled finger was slowly pulled free of the paper.The contaminated square was then discarded and the corner previously removed was used to clean from under the fingernail.
When the toilet paper roll starts getting low,I will generally implement the G.I. butt wipe procedure.
by wolfbait51 May 8, 2011
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When a fat, heavy turd is released from your butt while sitting on the toilet and the sheer weight of the log coming in contact with the water causes the toilet water to project up and clean your corn hole. Very rarely will you need to finish the job with toilet paper when this occurs thus saving paper. It is a blessing on our planet.
Hey man how did that number two go, heard a large splash from the kitchen thought you may have fell in.

Nah bro, just executed the Going Green Butt Wipe.

Wow your so eco friendly, I love you.
by IDropBombz April 6, 2011
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