20 definitions by K Joyce

I've known fashion models who are open minded; they're very attractive and regularly hook up with both guys and girls.
by K Joyce May 04, 2015
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the bottom half of a woman's bikini. It's more accurate to say that a a girl is wearing a monokini if she's going topless.
Wendy sure looks hot in her leopard print monokini.
by K Joyce November 07, 2015
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the line down the center of a man's chest, going down the middle of his pecs
The cleavage line makes a guy's pecs look more muscular.
by K Joyce June 29, 2015
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an attractive woman under the age of 40 - usually white who is not overweight and has large or medium-sized breasts. is often considered to be loose and dumb because of her physical appearence.
There are a lot of bimbos out there, because of early puberty.
by K Joyce August 21, 2007
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