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a stereoytpe used by social/political conservatives to describe gay men being promiscuous, drinking, bar hopping, using drugs, cross-dressing and orgies. However, heterosexual men and women engage in these most of these behaviors as swingers, during beach week and spring break, in Las Vegas, on Miami's South Beach and at fraternity and sorority parties.
"Gay lifestyle is used by conservative homophobes to vilify gay people. When people are asked what gay lifestyle means most of them will only mention things that elicit a negative response: Drinking, drugs, promiscuity, cross-dressing, bar hopping and orgies."

They seem to neglect the fact most of these things (with the possible exception of cross dressing) are parts of straight society as well." Sketchy Mess Jeoffery
by K Joyce October 29, 2009
This is a slang term for having sex in the hot tub, pool, shower or tub.
Instead of going to the after prom party, Roy and Julie played hide the eel in the cave in the hot tub.
by K Joyce May 11, 2012
the line down the center of a man's chest, going down the middle of his pecs
The cleavage line makes a guy's pecs look more muscular.
by K Joyce June 29, 2015
A man who a woman is currently having sex with
Fran's loverboy has a nice ass!
by K Joyce February 20, 2015
a person whose favorite male body part is the buttocks; a pygophile.
by K Joyce October 16, 2022
Lori is a such an aphrodite.
by K Joyce April 13, 2015
Diane: Take off your shirt.
John: My shirt?
Diane: I want to touch you.
by K Joyce June 19, 2015