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You can tell those nice breasts are c-cups.
by Stump March 06, 2005
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an average to larger than average cup size. Rarely accompanied by slim body, unless implants or a small C cup.
32C is size Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) gives as hers on last episode of Friends (in reality, she is a 34B).
by Seablue3 March 26, 2005
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A breast size that is slightly above average. In America, the medium to larger C Cup sizes are the optimal range of breasts, as they strike a happy medium between too small and too large to adequately grope. By Japanese measurements, however, a C is the equivalent of an American small B, so As are something truly pathetic in Japan.
1: Damn! That bitty got perfect titties!
2: I'd say she fills a C Cup pretty nicely.
by kickflipthecat September 22, 2007
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Boobs big enough to barely cup in one hand.
Those C-Cups were nearly a two hand job.
by DJ Butters August 18, 2009
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The reason why girls don't need to lose weight.
D-cup is even better!
Girl: Does this shirt make me look fat?
Guy: A bit, but it makes your boobs look sexy! And don't go on any diets, keep your C-cups!
by UrbanPrick April 02, 2008
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Over the summer her size increased from a B-cup to a C-cup.
by Junior January 05, 2004
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