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What UrbanDictionary tells you when a definition is so shitty that you try to give it thumbs down twice.
What kind of idiot thinks that making out means the exact same thing as oral sex. Already voted down
by UrbanPrick February 25, 2013
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The reason why girls don't need to lose weight.
D-cup is even better!
Girl: Does this shirt make me look fat?
Guy: A bit, but it makes your boobs look sexy! And don't go on any diets, keep your C-cups!
by UrbanPrick April 3, 2008
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World Of Warcraft for women and non-geeks. It's just as addictive and time-wasting, but you don't have to be a nerd to play it. You just need to have Facebook.
i spent the day playing FarmVille and commenting on my friends statuses
by UrbanPrick June 11, 2010
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Apprenticing in school to be a plumber, chef, mechanic, or any other dirty Italian job. Like co-op, but it-a-impress-a-the-family.
Luigi's doing the co-wop program to become a car mechanic just like his father. It makes his Mama so proud!
by UrbanPrick April 3, 2008
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- the new word for retarded

Originally, unfortunate people of below-average intelligence were called "mentally deficient", but people started using that as an insult so they changed it to "mentally retarded" which became even more of an insult. The latest term now is "developmentally delayed". Just to show those politically correct retards that changing the word does jack s**t, let's use "delayed" as the new insult...

btw don't actually hate on clinically stupid people they don't really deserve it, its just fun to make up insults
"are you f**king delayed?"
"stop acting so delayed!"
"why are you being so f**king delayed in the head?"
"that was really delayed of you!"
by UrbanPrick April 4, 2006
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Something that no one wants to hear about.
Baker: I hope you like this cake, I spent 7 hours in the kitchen preparing it.
Guest (trying to be nice): Yeah it's really good (spits it out)

Student: Please accept my research project, I stayed up all night for a week getting it done!
Professor: No, I wanted APA formatting, not MLA. You get a zero.

Guy: I did nothing these past 3 days cuz I was waiting for your call.
Girl: What's wrong with you?? Get a life!

*- Don't EVER reveal the effort you spent on something! -*
by UrbanPrick April 7, 2010
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short for Manischewitz, a type of wine that tastes like grape juice but gets you completely wasted
by UrbanPrick November 15, 2011
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