feed a brother back into life
and watch him fledge
"do you think he'll be fine now?"
"yeah he is big enough now and won't be coming back for our food. I'm exhausted"
by Bad Translator January 11, 2020
When a person is larger than big boned and more than simply obese or a fatass they are big enough to burn diesel !!!
Damn you see that bitch she was fucking huge she’s big enough to burn diesel !

I wouldn’t want to be under that for any reason.
when theres a kid so big on your football team that u have to point that out to him.
Matulich, you're big enough to go bear hunting with a switch!!! now get angry!
by PeteMat February 7, 2009
Man, I really love the song Honey this mirror isn't big enough for the two of us on the first studio album from the American rockband my chemical romance.
by bbbasic October 18, 2020