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Average and most satisfying boob size.
You can tell those nice breasts are c-cups.
by Stump March 06, 2005

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You figure it out.
Man, I left a throne sausage so big my asshole is bleeding.
by StUmP October 05, 2003

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A member of the Royal Australian Signal Corps (RASIGS).
Signallers are known as 'Chooks' throughout the Australian Army. It is believed the nickname originally came about during the Vietnam War. The Signallers of 152 Signal Squadron SASR, based at Nui Dat were placed in a small shack resembling a Chook Pen. With all the chatter over the radios heard from outside, they sounded very much like chooks - hence the nickname.
by Stump February 08, 2005

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Derogatory word for a stupid girl.
Melissa is a gash.
by Stump February 19, 2004

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An expression of satisfaction
wow you got pizza ? onetime !
by stump August 19, 2004

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