The bra size of a woman.
Ranges from AAA(flat chested, completely)-F. In most generic stores like Wal-Mart and Target you'll only find sizes that range from A-DD.
DD is the preferred size of most men.
Most women are B's-C's, moderately plump.
A-1 inch off chest.
B-2 inches off chest
DD-4 1/2...
You get the picture.
The number in front of the cup size is the measurement right below the breast.
A 32/34 is most common amogst 12-25 year olds. You will probably not find a 32 DD. Sorry.
The normal size of the average teen is a 32 A, even though they insist on wearing 30 B's.
"Yo, my new girlfriend, amazing titties..."
"-What's her cup size?"
"She's like a 32 A but they're so plump and they don't sag,like C's and D's do! She wears a 32 B size bra though. I don't know who she thinks she's fooling at 14. That bra is way to big for such cute little plump boobies"
by IKnowAboutEverything June 12, 2006
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Its like how much tea you can fit in your cup
Yo mom look at my cup size, i can fit the whole Boston tea party in here
by Helask06 June 22, 2021
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the smallest of all bra sizes used 4 pre-teen girls and those unlucky laidies (like myself) cursed with the flat chest of a man
me :( with my small AAA cup size breasts
by vanessa anne rules pop December 31, 2009
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what you ask dudes with huge bitch tits.
steve dave: hey whats your cup size?
damian: man, shut up kracka'
by mitch November 18, 2004
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