A person who farts or craps there pants alot, it sorta means owned, its a reference to one of the southpark episodes, its usage causes people to be 1337, the absence or not approving of this word makes people gay REALY REALY GAY
3 kids doing there home work on computers then derek farts and it smells like fucking hell and then they say hey butters farted.
by Maxamillian,the1337 December 9, 2005
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A phrase you say to someone to show shame/luaghter it shows that you ether heard them fart, crap their pants, or they did something funny or stupid can be used like the word owned, or like the word Diss

see the words owned,spanked,Raped, dell, oprah,diss and pwned
party A:* farts and spats all over his pants *
party B:HAHAH butters farted
party C:HAHAH pwned

another example.

Party A:*loses a contest*
party B:HAHAHA butters farted
party C:HAHAHA taco bell
by maxamillian December 5, 2005
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A fart that's too greasy to be called wet.
I heard Dave fart, I didn't believe that it was a real fart. It sounded like what you get when you put butter in a whoopee cushion. It was a butter fart.
by A member of the Team Cripple January 23, 2008
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The distinctive smell of the multiplex cinema showing this season's action pic, favoured by adolescent boys. Hot buttered popcorn and farts defying the best efforts of mechnical ventilation.
The lingering memory of Spiderman was the smell of a combined hot-buttered fart from the three previous sessions.
by Poll Hereford November 2, 2009
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doodoo butter fart is letting out the most monstrous no the most colossal dump any one person will ever let out
chad 1: hey bro i just let out the doodoo butter fart.

chad 2: suh dude thats pretty cool want to go to a frat party.
by oh no bro December 8, 2021
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When a person consumes 12 to 13 loaves of Entenmens all butter pound cake and a severe case of liquid sounding gurgle bursting flatulence ensues and lasts for several hours. The smell appears to linger much much longer than regular flatulence, has an almost intangible adherence to clothes and furniture. After a while the persons but cheeks develops a greasy or buttery like residue.
Fat ass Timmy got into the Entenmens last night and he’s now he’s got a ripe case of butter bubble farts !
by Little g money September 22, 2020
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greasy residue that accompanies flatulence often after eating rich or oily foods
I just greased my shorts with fart butter.
by Ugly Dave August 29, 2007
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