If you describe a situation or event as monstrous, you mean that it is extremely shocking or unfair.
She endured the monstrous behaviour for years.
I just hope the people who committed this monstrous evil will be able to live with themselves.
The nephilim were a monstrous brood begotten of the intercourse of the supernatural beings called " sons of God " with the women of earth.
by ... Zjdbckdnznsjd August 31, 2019
Really big dick, cock, or penis
Damn that guy has a monstrous cock. I can see it through his pants!🤤
by Bigcocklover123 November 5, 2017
A hideous waste of public money, often on a meaningless edifice of British national pride, probably built by a German contractor.

Comedy Pyramid
That new German-built monument of British pride is a monstrous carbuncle...
by TheIan October 22, 2003
When your brushing your teeth when all of the sudden you choke on the toothpaste and you gurgle it in your throat and it slowly builds up and you foam out the mouth as if you had rabies
by Mommy milf Jessica October 11, 2021
The form Squid Ink Cookie takes when they see something shiny and reallllly want it. They will even take down motherships if there’s a little gold on it!
by Oolong Tea Cookie October 25, 2022