The act of buying one movie ticket, then after the paid for film is done, going into a different movie that is starting.
Truffles and the big cotton candy mountain wasn't worth the 20 bucks, so we were multiplexing all night. We saw Big tits 7, The return of the return of the scorpion king, Friday the 14th, and other block busters!
by Pyro3138 June 4, 2011
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A Viral infection contracted from the direct contact to mucus membrane of soiled movie theater seating.
Adam- "Yo man, did you hear that Alyssia got Herpes?"
Doug- "Herpes simplex x2?"
Adam- "Nah guy, she got Herpes Multiplex from the dirty seats at the movie theater when she saw Transformers II"
Doug- "Damn dude, I'l send her flowers"
by StreetBikeTakeover July 26, 2009
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