2 definitions by Maxamillian,the1337

a sentance used by butters to show how gay he is, its true how gay butters is. using this word in modern sentances makes you 1337 if you dont say it or dissaprove it makes you gay REALLY REALLY GAY.

see butters farted,butter's SanDisk
butters farted, then justin takes out butters sandisk then butters says to max burn in hell, then every one in the room says how gay butters is.
by Maxamillian,the1337 January 6, 2006
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A person who farts or craps there pants alot, it sorta means owned, its a reference to one of the southpark episodes, its usage causes people to be 1337, the absence or not approving of this word makes people gay REALY REALY GAY
3 kids doing there home work on computers then derek farts and it smells like fucking hell and then they say hey butters farted.
by Maxamillian,the1337 December 9, 2005
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