Said as it sounds, and very fast. BURGER! used between my friends to discontinue an argument or just used as a filler in converstation...or even just out of the blue to break silence.
a way to vent anger
P1 "This music is sooo good"
P2 "ch! no it aint!"
P1 "WHATEVER DUDE it soo is!"
*converstation ended, in which P1 is right, and P2 sees that it is futile to continue the converstation*
P1 "GRAAA! IM so fk.buchit.. .hurk.. ..BURGER!!!!"
by F.I.B December 29, 2005
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1. Sloppy pussy that has been around the block and is no longer loose because it has seen way too much dick.

2. Pussy that is past its prime.
1. Dan Jakes sure likes a chick with a big juicy burger.

2. Man that chick's pussy is burger meat.
by Bust 5'9 May 11, 2004
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HAUGE nipples, male or female, although generally found on pubescent 14 year old girls.
"OMGGGG lucy got her burgers out for the whole football team last night, they were dead veiny too"
by georgii April 17, 2008
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Not to be confused with the food substance, a burger is a slang word that is said for the purpose of being insultive, many of its meanings include -

slow to respond

Can be very offensive, although often goes by unnoticed because of its sharing of the word with the food product.

Origin thought to have been S. Africa although this has been challenged and Australia is the believed birth of the word.
"Fuck me, what a burger, he's fucking disgusting"
"This fuckin burger is an annoying prick"
"That fucking burger smelt so bad I had to leave"
"Burgers a fucking meathead"
by Jay S. January 16, 2007
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