A derogatory slang word commonly used towards obese and overweight people. The word may also used on people who are eating unhealthy food.
Person 1: "Lets go get some food from that stand over there."

Person 2: "Yeah alright, look at those burgers and all their food."
by LiquidPlus December 18, 2022
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AkA: Burnt labia (Vagina Flap)Usually caused by an enourmous black penis, and is never to be touched again.
God dammnit, the black guys got another one, look at that burger!
by Jason (The Man) February 10, 2005
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When a person goes on a crazy diet of eating every kind of burger combination possible. They will hop from many different burger resturants in their pursuit of every kind of burger.
That crazed guy when on a burgerring binge last night trying every different kind of burger combination. He's going to look like a burgerring babe!
by suzgirl November 13, 2018
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Inflammation to joints cause by eating too many hamburgers
Dude your knees hurt from too many burgers you must have burgeritis!
by Definition of evil February 28, 2018
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To burger.. A savage mauling of a burger type sandwich often late at night and normally whilst intoxicated.

"man that was some serious burgering last night"
by Alec & Dan August 5, 2007
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Minced and reformed beef in a vaguely disc-shaped slab, cooked, and placed inside a bread roll, possibly along with various vegetables and sauces. Usually the meat is sourced from cheap offcuts and has a higher than average fat content. That being said, there is something distinctly refreshing about biting into a great greasy burger once every so often.

The best burgers in existence are thick, juicy, and served on a random floury white bread roll. None of this standardised McDonalds crap!
by KHD September 28, 2003
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