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Colloquialism for the area of London around Bank tube station. Lots of large international banks and law firms centre round there. So called because the area comprised the actual "City of London" administrative area."

Populated by vile overpaid tossarses for the most part.
Jasmine got a job with Linklaters, a law firm in the City. She quit soon after due to the multitudinous tosspots who worked there, braying rugby-shirted fratboys to a man.
by KHD December 05, 2005
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An absolutely colossal tub of Coca Cola or other carbonated soft drink. Also exists the Double Gulp (which is twice the size) and THE BEAST, which is best described as a Party Seven.
"I'll have a 16" pizza with extra pepperoni and a Double Gulp to go."
by KHD August 12, 2003
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Of a woman, large, broad hips and thighs. One of the most distasteful images possible is a woman of such build in a bikini.
by KHD June 26, 2003
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A peculiarly American idea. Often they are white, well-off, wholesome-minded (i.e. they're not a threat to any authority figures, mix with the right people, like the right stuff, and ostracise the right people.) They are found at sports events jumping and flipping and shouting, "GO BADGERS!!!" or whatever team it is.

To what their purpose is I am at a loss.
by KHD August 16, 2003
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Scrub, an otherwise inferior person in some what way. Most often refers to social standings, i.e. anyone who isn't The Big Jock or similar. Also refers to people who failed to make it onto whatever team/club/board/group, and also, in online gaming circles, refers to somebody who is not inexperienced but not very good at it. Also used in Magic the Gathering, as a derogatory term for a player who is inferior to you.
"Come here, scrub!!!"
by KHD August 12, 2003
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Used normally in a disgusted tone of voice, it refers to wanking, contrary to Genesis 38.6. Also referred to as "secret vice".
"Self abuse... is... immoral... and will not be tolerated... for it is contrary to scripture."
by KHD August 20, 2003
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Paris's medieval red light district. Literally translates as "Hairy Cunt Road." It has since evolved into the "Rue de Pelecan."
"J'étais en train d'y aller quand un con m'a raconté dans la Rue du Poileau Con. Alors, quand on est con, on est con!"
by KHD May 16, 2004
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