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Possibly the most irritating piece of chatroom vernacular in existence. Often used by teenage girls in chatroom who, for some reason, punctuate their sentences with "Like", "Totally", "soooooooo" and "Lolz."

Correct Response - "Speak proper, or STFU, N00B!"
"OMG WTF! u nevaz did dat, like, dats like, fkin gay! if i did dat id be like, wowz!!!!" - Actual AOL chat quote.
by KHD August 27, 2003
Acid rock/metal band from 1970s. Their sounds often feature 12-string guitars, synths, and the "audio generator" which creates swooping, warbling noises in the background. Most of their music was created while they were on acid, but it is still classy.

Their greatest songs include, "Silver Machine", "Seven By Seven", "Orgone Accumulator", "Magnu", "Sonic Attack", and "Levitation".

You don't need acid to trip when listening to Hawkwind.
by KHD November 9, 2003
A gang bang. Where a string of men engage in one-after-the-other sex with a single woman. I personally not only pity her, but also whoever is number 11 on the team... Talk about Sloppy Seconds!!!
Apparently a buch of Premiership footballers were caught "roasting" some hooker in a pub in Croydon.
by KHD May 17, 2004
Noun. Any anorexic rich bitch who's net contribution to human society is in the negative. An attention whore (or maybe just a whore.) Someone who let pseudo-fame go to her head and then entrench that head firmly into her rectum.
Jaime thinks Paris Hilton is worthy of idol status and that those who hate on her are just jealous. Jaime is also a self-confessed Sloane Ranger. Go figure.
by KHD February 1, 2005
Mize, also mise. Magic the Gathering vernacular, referring to any unexpected yet beneficial event. Corruption of "Might as well..."
"Ah ha! I mized a shock!"
by KHD June 7, 2003
Trading Card Game which is strictly inferior to Magic the Gathering. You can tell the calibre of a TCG by the name of its sets, and if "Evo-Crushinators of Doom" and "Rampage of the Super Warriors" are anything to go by, DM won't last very long.

Oh, and some of its cards are named "Fatal Attacker Horvath" and "Miele, Vizier of Lightning" (a common, by the way.)
Me: "I've got some Duel Masters cards to sell here... Foil Bolshack Dragon..."
DM Kid: "WOW!!! I'll give you £14 for it!"
Me: "Deal. Well done, and you certainly have been."
by KHD May 10, 2004
Like gerbillation, but with a larger animal. A golden retriever, perhaps.
"Rumour has it that Alex beasled Jemma the other evening."
by KHD October 3, 2003