Weak, lame, clumsy, not slick person.
Expression: "He's a burger put the onions!" is said when encouraging your teammates (in a basketball game) to play hard defense or to go strong (to the basket).
He's such a burger, he approached her to ask her out on a date, but stumbled and fell on his ass.
by Stef "FobPower" De Clercq November 26, 2002
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Secret code or slang for "marijuana". Mostly used in monitored communications such as company emails or mobile text messages.

See also burger
1. "Are you coming over tonight for some burgers?"
2. "These burgers are the shit!"
3. "Can I smoke some of your burgers?"
by Burgeriffic October 14, 2005
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A patty made from ground beef sandwiched between two toasted buns. One most famous delicacy in America. Where the cows run free over the cliffs into McDonald's Factories.
<WN-Knightskye> Taco spoke nothing of burgers.
<Xelotinixiluxin> Hush you fool! Beef stew means Burgers!
by WN-Knightskye July 19, 2005
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The douchebag guys at college parties, who always talk about hooking up with girls and who always cheer other burgers, saying "I'm gonna fuck this tonight! This is my shit tonight!" Are easily distinguished by their body type: meaty and thick, and their intelligence is low. They usually drink beer and hang out at either large parties, outdoor parties, and are accompanied only by other burgers.
"There are too many fucking burgers here. They ain't getin shit from us."
by BSU2015 January 14, 2012
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Someone who takes forever to make a shot (basketball), then misses.
Also a fat guy playing basketball.
you are a burger for missing that shot.
by swiggityswog June 09, 2015
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