When your nose is stuffed and there's nothing to blow out.
Dude, these allergies have my nose all stuffed up. The inflammation is awful.
by LilTransGirl June 21, 2018
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I dont understand why flammable and inflammable mean the same when sane and insane mean exactly the opposite things.
by BuzzKiller June 20, 2003
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Susceptible to flame; able to be lit on fire. Syn: Flammable
That puddle of alcohol is inflammable.
by SpinSpyder June 21, 2003
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A word which means easily ignited.

Simon: "Hey philip do you think my ass is inflammable?"

Philip: "Lets find out......."

Simon: "Oh you sh*t head, you just set my anus on fire!"

Simon & Philip: (laughter)
by Skii May 7, 2005
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Tom: "Gas is inflammable Bob."
Bob: "Oh yea, that means I can out this fire with it right?"
Bob: "Ut-oh"
by Morgan Gore June 19, 2003
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"Capable of being set on fire; combustible"

Macquarie Dictionary, 3rd Edition.
by captaincadaver_1 October 7, 2003
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