to be sent or shown either a picture or video displaying the american food representing a hamburger or "burger", showing text that says, "You just got burgered, burger someone else to be unburgered."
"Haha bro, you just got burgered!"

"Dammit. Now I have to find someone else to burger."
by oh no bro i've been ___ December 1, 2020
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what they say in the cosby show for a fine lookin lady
woo hoo hoo look at dat burger
by Stroge October 26, 2003
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The bulging vagina and lips seen from behind (between a woman's legs) when a woman is lying on her side... which looks like a bun with a beef patty between.
Before I fucked her, I could already tell she was turned on. There was mayo dripping out of her burger.
by sc0ner June 17, 2010
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A state of extreme and utter munt, usually whilst out clubbing or at trash-ons the following day.
" burgered"
by Ryan April 2, 2005
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American: EliGE is the best player in the world!!
Everyone else: HAHAHAHA burger spotted!
by Laynsier October 20, 2020
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When one fills oneself up on burgers
I feel like getting an absolute burgering today. You guys in i heard Kua aina's burger's really good from Keith
by BowserIRL May 8, 2015
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hey, you're fat, did you eat 20 burgers?
by Jimbo December 11, 2003
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