I date a girl from Nebraska, I’m a burger orther wise known as an Edward
by Edward J bravo December 12, 2018
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The platonic ship name between Ezekiel Cardoso and Kyuukei Okai. Why is it called Burger, you may ask? Well, that would be because 'Kyuukei Okai' translates to 'onion town' in Japanese. When Ezekiel Cardoso wears his helmet, it appears to be very similar to a small chocolate Maltese ball. In America, these are typically referred to as a 'Whopper'.

Another type of Whopper would be the Whopper you get at Burger King; which is another name for a hamburger. In conclusion, it's factual that onions go on burgers, and a Whopper is a type of hamburger.
"Hey, have we ever told you about how the ship name Burger came to be??"

"Oh my god. Actually shut the fuck up."
by chiicheo May 11, 2021
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The bulging vagina and lips seen from behind (between a woman's legs) when a woman is lying on her side... which looks like a bun with a beef patty between.
Before I fucked her, I could already tell she was turned on. There was mayo dripping out of her burger.
by sc0ner June 17, 2010
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So amazing.

A good food that is both unhealthy and delicous. A burger has a good aroma and some unhealthy ingredients like fresh index fingers and car seat protectors. The best way to enjoy a burger is by sitting on a pink alligator and eating it without a plate, but with a tissue wrapped around it, not to get your hands dirty. a burger can also have blue salad that comes from the leaning tower of pisa. Burgers are always between two buns that were lator ever. If you have a crush on a burger, then you have a rare disease called hunger. If you are losing weight, eat burgers as much as possible to slim and fit in those old shoes that used to be to small for you. Burgers can be the most obvious cause of dendrophilia. It is when you have a crush on trees. Burgers can be up to 15 meters long, if you try. If a burger eats you, be aware that it may be a hat-burger, fear to all mushrooms. A lamborghini nearby may cause your burger envy, and it may become a train. Trains are very evil, so if your burger turns into one, you are screwed. Nebulous burgers may be a threat to your chairs and red walls, so either you exterminate the walls with the chairs too, or kill the burger by licking it 5 times and shouting at your backpack.
Person 1: Hey man, would you want a burger?
Person 2: TOTALLY!
by james-sucks-dick June 12, 2017
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The awesome title you get when you are born in Luxembourg
Person1: Where ya from??
Person2: Luxembourg
by secretninjaspy August 16, 2010
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