The bulging vagina and lips seen from behind (between a woman's legs) when a woman is lying on her side... which looks like a bun with a beef patty between.
Before I fucked her, I could already tell she was turned on. There was mayo dripping out of her burger.
by sc0ner June 17, 2010
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The awesome title you get when you are born in Luxembourg
Person1: Where ya from??
Person2: Luxembourg
by secretninjaspy August 16, 2010
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Someone who takes forever to make a shot (basketball), then misses.
Also a fat guy playing basketball.
you are a burger for missing that shot.
by swiggityswog June 09, 2015
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A jumbo-sized turd.
As oppossed to fries, which are tiny skinny turdies.
Ahhhh... I just plopped a quarter-pounder burger with some fries... must be last night's pizza...
by Hugh G Rection September 18, 2003
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Secret code or slang for "marijuana". Mostly used in monitored communications such as company emails or mobile text messages.

See also burger
1. "Are you coming over tonight for some burgers?"
2. "These burgers are the shit!"
3. "Can I smoke some of your burgers?"
by Burgeriffic October 14, 2005
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