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The platonic ship name between Ezekiel Cardoso and Kyuukei Okai. Why is it called Burger, you may ask? Well, that would be because 'Kyuukei Okai' translates to 'onion town' in Japanese. When Ezekiel Cardoso wears his helmet, it appears to be very similar to a small chocolate Maltese ball. In America, these are typically referred to as a 'Whopper'.

Another type of Whopper would be the Whopper you get at Burger King; which is another name for a hamburger. In conclusion, it's factual that onions go on burgers, and a Whopper is a type of hamburger.
"Hey, have we ever told you about how the ship name Burger came to be??"

"Oh my god. Actually shut the fuck up."
by chiicheo May 11, 2021
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The awesome title you get when you are born in Luxembourg
Person1: Where ya from??
Person2: Luxembourg
by secretninjaspy August 16, 2010
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Not to be confused with the food substance, a burger is a slang word that is said for the purpose of being insultive, many of its meanings include -

slow to respond

Can be very offensive, although often goes by unnoticed because of its sharing of the word with the food product.

Origin thought to have been S. Africa although this has been challenged and Australia is the believed birth of the word.
"Fuck me, what a burger, he's fucking disgusting"
"This fuckin burger is an annoying prick"
"That fucking burger smelt so bad I had to leave"
"Burgers a fucking meathead"
by Jay S. January 16, 2007
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A cool way to emphasise a word/turn into a superlative
Man. Bob must have made his girlfiend real angry. I saw her walk towards him, I looked away, looked back, and he was goneburger.
"Dude, that is rankburger"
by DerfNZ July 21, 2008
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You burger bra.
That $100 is burger..
Quit being a burger and playin me..
Those Shoes are burgers
by MasterChavo360 July 16, 2009
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