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The act of taking a relationship with a male friend to the next level. This can be something as trivial as adding a friend to your buddy list on AIM once you realize that you actually give a crap about talking to him. This could also be something as significant as giving your bro an actual promotion on the job front.
How'd you get that KM position?

Well the GM, Mark, is my boy, he gave me a bromotion.

Why is Kyle on your buddy list Cesar?

He says some pretty cool shit so I gave him a bromotion.
by instrumentoffear May 18, 2009
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When a friend of yours helps you to get a promotion at work that you wouldn't have otherwise gotten if he didn't put in that good word for you.

by Wendy Wantme on Dec 7, 2010
"I heard you got a raise"

"Yeah, Sean put in a good word for me with the boss and helped me get a bromotion".
by Wendy Wantme December 07, 2010
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Noun- When a guy watches a girl do any physical activity. He watches those cannons bounce in Bro Motion.
1. The other day i watched a girl jog. It was all in Bro Motion!

2. Watching that hunny work out was so hard to handle, it was like she was working in Bro Motion.
by Stevokenevo February 18, 2009
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A Promotion given to a fellow bro, bumping him up into a higher position, such as a wingman.
Friend: "When did you start hanging out with Robby?"

You: "He got a bromotion."
by The Original Ginger April 17, 2009
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when your bro gets a preomotion at work.
phill went from being janitor to the boss.

phill got a sweet bromotion
by james morse September 18, 2007
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The sharing of emotions between bro's.
How was your bromotions session with Mike yesterday? Dude, he's all messed up from his divorce, he almost started crying.
by Snowplow October 11, 2012
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To run slowly and blissfully with a group of male friends.
After me and my bros were done bro-ing out, we ran in bro-motion to Abercrombie.

Slow down man, kick it into bro-mo!
by chickienuggz April 09, 2012
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