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A state of anger and rage that produces behavior more closely resembling that of an enraged ape than a human.

From the habit of enraged apes of flinging their own feces at their object of anger (if you haven't experienced this phenomenon first hand consider yourself blessed).
Billy-Bob went apeshit when Jimmy-Joe puked up four moon pies on his '68 Dodge Dart.
by 6079 Smith W March 21, 2005
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Really going crazy or nuts over or about something.
Dan is going ape shit about how cool his new car is. Or - Dan went ape shit when he found out his wife left him.
by Dan Sheehan February 13, 2004
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Sally went ape shit when I pulled it out of her ass and hit her in the face with it.
by CaptainShank February 11, 2004
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to act in an insane manner.
I told Rob I slept with his girl and he went ape shit on me.
by Colonel Krackers March 13, 2003
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Extreme anger or a state of insanity stemming from anger. When someone goes fucking crazy.
Donkey Kong went completely apeshit when King K Rool stole all the bananas from his cave.
by DeRosset March 01, 2008
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to go ape- shit is to go completely crazy, to give up on any logical way to solve a problem and resort to violence.
Oh no you didn't
I Did!
Im gonna go ape-shit on your ass!
by H.V May 22, 2009
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Really really really angry or pissed off!
Its not uncommon to go apeshit:
When the dog shits in yer slippers.
When your husband sleeps with your sister.
When some ugly bollocks grab asses you.
When cars purposefully splash you on your way to an interview in your lovely white suit.
Most things the average family does.
'When dad finds out you borrowed his new car, crashed it into the house then set it on fire, he's gonna go apeshit!'
by Black_Rose_325 September 26, 2008
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