The incorrect spelling of the word awkward.

Used by morons and/or K-5th grade.

Typically used when the situation doesn't call for it, and is thus typically overused and unfunny (misspelled or not, turns out).
Stargrl789: and then he called his parents and asked them to give us a ride!

Unfunnytwat1357: sooo akward.
by vitamin_r January 19, 2008
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something unnatural. something that isn't in it's proper shape or condition.
after he fell on his hands he saw his arm in an akward angle.
by Nurief August 7, 2007
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When you were having an interesting conversation with someone but one of you said something nasty or stupid as nd now there is complete silence
Bro, that was akward.....................................
by Paramadakis December 1, 2020
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When a white male and white female are having sex and a naked black man walks in wanting in on the action.
Bill: Yeah me and Linda were doing it then Tyrone walked in expecting something..and uhh...
Tim:Ouch. Akward Silence?
by hereyagoho May 12, 2010
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Being of a wrong nature or easily confused ie. ass backwards
The guy who wrote the definition for rainbow wings got his definition bass akwards!!
by Mobius July 17, 2003
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a classy way to describe an akward situation and also to break an akward silence. most popularly used in the lower portin of westchester (yonkers, hartsdale, bronxville) but suprisingly unknown, for the most part, in places like scarsdale and eastchester. the proper hand motion is your hand one on top the other palms up, thumbs moving in a circular motion. many people do it with the palms facing down which is CLEARLY wrong and classless. (see akward uterus, the retarted turtle)
so i was talking about that dirty bitch ryan from Maria and didn't realize she was right behind me, akward turtle or what?!?
by chyll June 22, 2007
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When you speraticly slap the inner thighs of the person in front of you.
My buddy gave me an AKWARD SALMON in gormation.
by Theboss88 January 21, 2016
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