1, sex god
2, bad ass mouther fucker
3, biggdy bam
wow he is a phil
by TEbs May 27, 2003
someone who accuses girls of being crack whores
"I hate when I he calls me a crack whore, he is such a phill"
by Kat May 15, 2003
Complete, absolute perfection. Nothing in the world that is better. Heaven.
"God, You're just so phill"
by lex September 26, 2004
A really nice guy who lives in Perth who is funny and always makes me laugh and smile when I am down.
by natsta January 30, 2004
really really stuipd and has 2 go back 2 kindergarden
ur so phil
by Anonymous October 21, 2003
male or female indulging in intercourse without another human being present.
Stop philling yourself.
by Dj Ez May 27, 2003
a racist nazi who should smoke more because hes nicer that way
phill.. love a hatian
by meee January 11, 2004