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1, sex god
2, bad ass mouther fucker
3, biggdy bam
wow he is a phil
by TEbs May 27, 2003
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someone who accuses girls of being crack whores
"I hate when I he calls me a crack whore, he is such a phill"
by Kat May 15, 2003
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Complete, absolute perfection. Nothing in the world that is better. Heaven.
"God, You're just so phill"
by lex September 26, 2004
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P’Hill is the abbreviation for Pleasant Hill Road, Gwinnett County, Georgia. Pleasant Hill Road is a major road and shopping-entertainment district that runs through the center or “downtown” of Gwinnett County, Georgia.
I went to Super H Mart on P'Hill and bought freshly made tofu and kimchi.
by Pleasant Hill Road July 17, 2008
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n. an awesome boyfriend; mestre at capoeira (hehe); tHe OnLy GuY tHaT i'LL eVeR LoVe ThIs mUcH; the one who will always have my love, no matter what.
pHiLL does not need to question raCheL's love for him.
by pHiLL, meu amor February 07, 2005
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A really nice guy who lives in Perth who is funny and always makes me laugh and smile when I am down.
by natsta January 29, 2004
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(v.) 1. to "Phill" oneself is to accidentally release feces in one's pants, take off the soiled undergarment, and proceed to toss it into the adjacent bathroom stall.
2. to excrete an extreme amount of diarrhea.

(n.) 1. the act of soiling one's pants and creating some sort of sloppy mess on the floor.
2. the act of excreting an extreme amount of diarrhea.
v. "Oh my god, If we don't get back to the bathroom within two seconds I think I might Phill myself."

n. "Hey did you smell that disgusting odor in the bathroom yesterday? It smelled like baby shits or something..."
"Yeah that was me, I took a nice, big Phill yesterday morning. Unfortunately, the poor cleaning lady had to clean it up all by herself."
by Jn. Lee July 24, 2008
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