Cesar is someone everyone instantly falls in love with. From first glance,he comes off as shy, but once you get to know him, he can make any boring moment fun. Cesar is caring and sweet and never lets you put yourself down, yet puts himself down a lot. He doesn't realize how wonderful he is even when the whole world thinks he's fucking amazing. Cesar lights up every room he walks into instantly making it the happiest place on earth. He doesn't have a clue of a lot of things going on, especially how much people care about him. He's the guy of your dreams, the best friend you wish you had met sooner, the guy you turn to when everything seems to go to shit.Its indescribable how much Cesar means to people and its unfathomable as to why-- Cesar is just Cesar and he's what makes this world go round.
*sees cesar anywhere* oh my god its cesar!!!!!!!!1!!!1!1 *instant life boost*
by ersoolah May 31, 2018
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My buddy always has my back no matter what because he's Cesar.
by b_rise June 5, 2019
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Cesar, he’s a person you’ll hear about everywhere and you’ll see him everywhere! He’s talented,handsome & charming! He’s very passionate and SO passionate, he’ll go far to do whatever it takes to make his dreams a reality! People give him shit, but don’t realize he’s going to be a star one day! Cesar is Cesar and nobody will change him for that!
Cesar is popular
by Shaq1188 May 4, 2019
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The most caring, lovable guy you could ever possibly know. Shoot, you can probably just title him as a big teddy bear! He acts like a hard ass, but honestly he has a big heart. He will go through so much just to be with his girl friend. He doesn't rush his girl(s), he's a true gentlemen. Pretty much was just raised by his mom his whole life. Sure, he makes a few mistakes but he tries to fix them soon in the future. He's not perfect but trust me, you would fall in a deep love spell with him. He has such a way with words. A bit of a heart breaker but hey who isn't /:
Hey, did you hear? Cesar broke up with his girlfriend again!

Cesar and his girl were totally swapping spit at his house last night!
by The Dumpee June 7, 2012
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Most likely the craziest person you will ever meet. He has dark brown eyes you will just drown in! He is mostly short and is obsessed with peoples moms. So hide your daughters here comes Cesar!
OMG did you see Cesar?! He was the most amazing Thang I have Ever seen!
by Coolbeanplantryan October 22, 2018
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When you think of a bad ass mutha fuka you think of him he is the type of guy that fucks people up and he don’t give a FUUK if you don’t wanna fight he will still BEAT YO ASS greatest in sex just call him a big dick sex GOD
(Girl) wow Cesar is a sex god
by GODS WRITeR February 15, 2018
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