ie Master of the custodial arts
"I am a master of the custodial arts, or janitor if you wanna be a dick about it!"
by Brittvj October 7, 2007
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people who beat the shit out of low hp players in a video game/clean up people who just finished a battle.
that fucking janitor killed me
by No work pls December 30, 2022
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A player in halo 2 that waits for two players to engage in combat and then kills both of them. He gets credit for kills that he didnt earn by cleaning up like a janitor.
"Mike you are such a janitor. You didnt have one legit kill you puss."
by RAWasHELL September 13, 2006
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n): A guy that hooks up late in the night at a bar or a party, by 'sweeping up" the leftover drunk chicks. It generally refers to hooking up with riffraff, but can be used as a shrewd tactic if played with the right timing.

v): The act of playing janitor.
"Rick's game aint so good, most of his hookups come from playing janitor"

"Last night Ray totally janitored that hot asian girl from the sorority house down the block."
by overlord19 March 3, 2007
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To be intoxicated.

Also used as an adj.
I'm so janitored.

we're getting janitored tonight.

Dude, thats janitor as fuck.
by X1 CHIMAIRA 1x April 7, 2004
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A hypocrite who is always wrong but never will admit it so he likes to silence anyone's opinions. Also has the ugliest kid I have ever laid eyes on.
Your opinions do not matter because I am JANITOR and what I said goes.
by JimDandy September 21, 2003
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a player in a FPS (or any other multiplayer game which involves fast action and guns) who sits back as other players duke it out in a firefight, and makes an appearance after the victor of the duel is left with a little amount of health and kill him/her for an easy kill. Much like a janitor cleans up after a mess.
Dude, its no fun playing Halo with you anymore because all you do is janitor with your assault rifle.
by AltCoder May 1, 2005
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