The greatest of all nations on this earth; Britain has contributed so much to the world today as we know it. Also arguably one of the most belligerent nations, having had conflicts with France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Argentina, itself (i.e England against Scotland) and Ireland (to name only a few!) during its long and fascinating history. Many nations around the world have a real dislike of Britain, due to its resounding successes, a clear example of this being France. Britain invented ALL of the world's best sports; these include football (the real version), cricket, rugby and golf. The unrivalled leader of the ENGLISH speaking world, Britain has seen its native tongue corrupted by Americans and Australians amongst others. Although the era has passed when Britain ruled almost half of the world's population, its forever remains the benchmark for every country on all of the six continents.
Britain: need I say more?
by Dave Blyth July 15, 2005
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Britain, a nation that is made up of several countries, such as, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - as much as they don't admit it, we stole that fair and square.

It's a nice place, with locations that will satisy everyone, it's a place with lots of world building history - shame about the weather though. It's the only place that uses the English language properly, but do excuse the accents, could be worse though, could be speaking like the silly aussies and Americans.
The English language is a very funny one, well at least it is in Britain. Some quotes below will show some 'English, English' words or informal words used to describe the international iconic ones.

A British Policeman = A 'bobby'

'keen as mustard'= Very enthusiastic, eager.

'bad egg' = A miscreant, a corrupt person, an untrustworthy person.

'banger' = A sausage kids.

Enjoy them few.
by Dark Einstein November 21, 2005
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Indeed the greatest country in the world.

to that person who said earlyer that the roman empire was bigger than the british one, have you even compaired them??? look them up on google. The roman one was most of europe. The british one was most of the world. and no, we dont all drink tea and crumpits, but they are quite nice :D. the biggest drink size in britain is about 1/2 a litre, in america, its like 2 litres, so don t blame us for calling you fat.
American:can i have a double cheese burger, extra large fries and a super sized diet coke please?

British: wtf? why are you getting all that crap then having a diet coke? why not just go all the way and kill yourself in one go?!!?!
by Edd June 17, 2006
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The Best Damn Country in the engire world. period. a World super power untill it let the united states win the American Revolutionary War and America screwed everything up.
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A country americans know NOTHING about and base all their perceptions on stereotypes that have never been true, and when brits to try to tell those fat yank cunts otherwise they just fucking contradict you. They all think we live in castles, and wear tweed and bowler hats, have bad teeth and say idiot shit like "tally ho" and whatever the fuck. THIS IS BULLSHIT STEREOTYPING AND WE CAN DO IT TO YOU YANKS YOU FAT, COWBOW HAT WEARING, AROGANT, OVERLY RELIGIOUS LAZY "YEEHAA" SHOUTING DICKHEADS!

Also any fucking idiot american who says "britain is a small island" should look at a fucking map, it a fucking huge island, infact its the 8th largest island in the world, a small island would be jamaica or sicily, britain has counties that are bigger than those islands. BUT YOU YANKS WOULDNT KNOW THAT BECAUSE YOUR FUCKED UP IDEAS OF THE REST OF THE WOULD IS ALWAYS THE RIGHT ONE BECAUSE YOUR AN ARROGANT AMERICAN.
American tourist at buckingham palace no fucking suprises there: HEY HOW BOUT WE GO AND SEE THE REST OF THE CITY OF ENGLANDLAND?

by pointything July 28, 2008
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An awesome race of people, who are generally liked by Canadians, and secretly disliked by americans because of their special forces' superiority and link to the Canadian special forces. Britains have an awesome accent that is the right way to speak english. Britains are great.
American: Man, that british person is a doucebag
Canadian: why, because 4 SAS troops rescued 150 US SEALS troops?
American: that can't be right, the TV said we're the best country in the world
Britains: that's why everyone hates you. lets go have a beer and bang some chicks, canuck
American: boohoo
by back bacon eh? November 05, 2008
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the best country in the world came 4th in the 08 olymipics and only countrys that were like 1000 times bigger beat them, yep thats right britain is very small but still kicks every other countrys ass, and unlike americans we can actually walk properly. our weather is quite shit but that is what makes britain the toughest country ever. the defintion of britain: THE BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, BRITAIN RULES AND THERES NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT :P
brit: Britain rules :)
brit 2: hell ye
brit: we deserve our recognition as a powerfull country, we have fought countless wars and weve come thru better off each time
brit 2: go britain!!!
by DJ SPYKERZ(SCOUSED OUT) July 15, 2009
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