Composed of England, Scotland, Wales and NORTHERN Ireland (yes, NORTHERN Ireland, as IRELAND is NOT part of Britain), Britain is not to be confused with England, a mistake which Americans usually make, usually due to their ignorance.
There is no such accent as a 'British' accent, unless you can do an English, Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish accent all at once, including all the different towns and cities with their indivudual accents.


Britain is composed of Northern Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales

by VeggieGirl April 21, 2008
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Britain - a country where it's normal for old men to stand outside the pub having a fag; straight men like sex with a fanny; engines are found under a bonnet; da hood is on the back of da coat; big booty goes on your big foot; dogging doesn't involve any canines; getting a good fisting means pain not pleasure; randy will never be a boys name; and we really love bums.
fag = cigarette, fanny = vagina, bonnet=car hood, dogging=outdoor group voyeur sex, fisting=punch, randy=aroused, bums=ass. Britain, Britain, Britain
by Big Mr B October 25, 2009
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short form for the formal name Great Britain, an Island located west of Europe part of the British Isle archipelogo. derived from the Roman name Britannia Major. the term Great is purely geographical to show a larger land north of Gaul (France). Britain comprises of 2 former kingdoms Scotland and England and the Principality, Wales. Great Britain and her constituant countries also make up most of the United Kingdom. Northern Ireland is not in Great Britain, but in the United Kingdom. The long formal name for the country The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The nation (and former kingdom) of England comprises most of the Island and also has the largest population

the nation (and former kingdom) of scotland comprises the most northern part of the island of Great Britain and is the second largest nation after england, although with a smaller population.

the nation (and former kingdom) of Wales, is located West of England. It is the smallest nation in Great Britain by area and population

Britain has played a vital role in world affairs being especially influencial in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Many western offshoots such as Australia and the US were formed by Britain, although have formed sperate identities still share a large part of culture heritage and language.
Look on a map its north of France south of Iceland
If your able to read this, English was established in Great Britain.
by Corona21 September 12, 2007
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A country by which all others set their standards. For such a small nation it's economic and political power is immense. Most things that were worth inventing were invented by the British including football (soccer for you Yanks) and spotted Dick. God save the Queen!
Bill "Hey John, i think Britain is a much better country than the U.S."

John "I agree, it's not full of wankers for a start"
by John Smith November 11, 2004
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The only place where everybody is a fighting machine, and has everything packed into a small area....

It has the glorius wales with huge hills and green grass, with cliffs bigger than average sized houses, and where most raw materials come from and probably the proudest country in the world.

Ireland with its loveable culture and large heritage,providing a lot of manpower..(it is the 3rd largest island in europe!)

The brute toughness of Scotland, where there are huge mountains and most of the british army, with one of the best rugby teams today.

And finally the English the Patriotic ones. Creating football and rugby and home to many musicians and other talented people and where there are people shouting at the telly about the football.

well you've probably guessed im british... i am aswell. i come from wales. so stop arguing about what country is crap and which is good, lets all be one nation together, BRITAIN!
britain = wales, scotland, england and ireland
by British Guy November 20, 2007
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A wonderful country that is NOT full of:

1) Bad food (thats a steryotype made after W.W.II when Britain went into a depression)

2) Bad teeth

3) Crumpets (even though they are nice, biscuits and scones are a much more popular tea-treat)

4) "Crazy Accents and words" if americans wanted to use the ENGLISH language, they should not consider the original words and accent "weird"

5) Full of stuck-up bastards, I happen to have lived in England for the first 11 years of my life, and having a foreign family and living in a lower middle class did not mean i was ever insulted by people or made to feel unloved, i truly love the countries (plural) of britain

I also now live in America. Even though i did mention America before, I do think this is a great country too. what happened to being freaking ALLIES?
Britain: ummm, i dont want to make an example, cuz i'm cool like tat!

America: ok!
by goobamonstar March 16, 2009
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One of the coolest places ever. great cars. great culture and awsome tv shows
Britain ruled the world intill America came and screwed it up lol
by Rob From The USA August 25, 2004
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