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it's hell.

don't do it yo, we all know its fun to get naughty, but be careful if you like freedom. Juno makes it look fun. Thats a lie.
damn, my life is over. Teen pregnancy is bad.
by klbdfsdlfgmk March 27, 2008
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"there would be no hit television show The Secret Life of the American Teenager if that girl just got an abortion."

- Teen pregnancy
by natalie:) September 01, 2008
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one reason your parents will become angry monsters.

what happens when a girl can't keep her legs closed.

a conversation not acceptable at the dinner table.

something fucked up when you pregnant by someone else's boyfriend. but enables you to say "...mine now:)"
tim caused laurel to have a teen pregnancy

alli and eric's parents where furious when they found about about alli's teen pregnancy

patrick and sarah were dating then brook said patrick was the father and sarah soon dropped out of the love triangle due to sarah's teen pregnancy.

hope teen pregnancy doesn't happen to you.. USE A CONDOM.. OR JUST KEEP YA LEGS CLOSED AND YA DICK IN YO PANTS :)
by SMILEMEAN February 16, 2010
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Something every ghetto black bitch will go through.
Nigger #1: Did u hur that bitch bonqueque is pregnant?

Nigger #2: Yeah I hur that shit nigga Rayvon her baby daddy.

Nigger #1: Teen pregnancy a bitch nigga.

Nigga #2: Yeah yeah let's rob somebody.
by BlackH8tesNiggers August 04, 2011
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When teens get pregnant.
The most effective way to prevent this is not condoms but fat ugly girls/beasts, and lots of em.
See Elyse, and ugly.
I think that girl was pregnant, oh wait it was just Elyse.
by Cock Toad May 11, 2004
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