Brahm is the tall nerdy guy. Not every girl falls for him, but if you do, and he falls for you back, you wont regret it. Brahm is extremely smart and hilariously funny. He can be flirty, but sometimes doesn't like to show it. He would never ditch his girl. His eyes are usually brown, and he's often the tall one. He's awesome, cool, funny, and very helpful. He's playful, and laughs a lot. He's really cute, and makes the right girl feel warm and fuzzy inside.
Brenda: See that guy over there?

Haley: The tall, hot one? His name is Brahm.

Brenda: Think he has a girl friend yet...?

Haley: LOL, and the name really fit's him, don't you think?
by charlieetta November 16, 2012
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1. A shortened slang word for a bull. masc.

2. A mindblowingly sexy, brilliant, funny, and charasmatic man; A very intense, and quite possibly insane, but still absolutely amazing man.
1. To prove their manood, the CR locals chased the Brahma

2. Who? Oh, that tall, blonde, blue eyed, brilliant Brahm? Oh yeah, I'd tap that.
by vhgl November 24, 2009
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He's hilarious, and quite possibly insane. Brilliant smart, amazing. Brahm is the perfect guy. He's tall, and so funny you can't stop laughing. He can make any girl smile. If you have a Brahm, keep him for ever! Oh, and if the opportunity arises... i suggest you kiss him.

Brett: Who's that guy who got off the bus with you???

Abigail: Oh, that's just Brahm.

Brett: Who???

Abigail: My boyfriend.

Brett: !!!
by Fauzytuff November 20, 2012
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A composer who abuses his cellists by using too many sharps and flats in 16th triplet notes in 5th position at 145 bpm, in a single bow. A dude who wishes he was Beethoven.
You: What are you performing tonight?

Him: Brahms Symphony Number 4

You: That sucks. I heard Brahms is hard.

Him: Yes sir. I'm faking it tonight.
by AnnoyedCellist November 03, 2013
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To choke on a large food item, often forbidden
He’s brahming on a wedge of cheese! Who knows Dog Heimlich??
by Concerned Dog Owner December 25, 2018
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Brahms is a replacement for certain words that have lost their meaning. Brahms replaces words such as Bro, Dude or Man. It is used because these words are no longer able to represent the closeness between any two individuals.

The word stems from the German composer Johannes Brahms, it is used as a replacement word because Brahms on some smart phones was the auto-correct of Bro.

Variations of the word include Broham and Brohemians.
Broham 1: 'Hey Brahms did you get the poptarts?'
Broham 2: 'Yeah Brahms'

Broham: 'My fellow Brohemians, its time to rock.'
by Torgthelord April 30, 2012
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(noun, verb, adjective.) a word that can be used to represent anything or anyone.
I am about to go Brahms on your ass in a minute.

If Thursday rolls around and we're still doing cut-outs in the maz basement, I'm gonna Brahms the shit out of you.

I can't wait for Duncan to play a Brahms piece in class today.
by C-No. April 06, 2007
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