to have an extremely happy feeling about the girl or guy that you like or love.
girl: Wow you're really attractive
Guy: that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy

guy: hey i really really like you
girl: thanks, that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy
by Zipper630 May 27, 2006
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Military Definition: A raging hard-on. Something that excites you. Something that gets you hard, amped, etc.. Something that pumps you up. Something that gets you jacked up.
A10 Firing it's 30mm Cannon during CAS
Infantry 1: Man that was pretty bad ass!
Infantry 2: Yea bro, that gave me a warm and fuzzy
by ruutang January 14, 2018
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The warm and fuzzy higgins is a imaginary creature that was made up by sailers in the early 1700's. It is much like the unicorn or the mermaid. It is said that the warm and fuzzy higgins will give you a warm feeling in your testicles.
"Shut up you stupid bitch, there is no such thing as a warm and fuzzy higgins." Bob said, as he reached back like a pimp and slapped Suzy.
by higgins March 25, 2005
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{Warm} {and} {fuzzy} {people} {either} {need} {hugged} {or} {punched}.
100% advantage to 0% advantage. 180* people, completely opposited them. On top of "switched" personalities, "voices" in heads (hear thoughts), "empath", hackers, info leakers, hospitals wrong, doctors wrong, b.s.charges, b.s. judicial system etc. Ooops, L.H. not L.F., somehow took a min. to realize... Yrs. later thanks for something (seriously), but also fuck you if something. I'm the Merry Christmas person, not him. So 2 people have early Christmas presents with christmas bows on those peoples head from me. Try to laugh not cry. They apparently hate me, so need K.F's address. Why (something) (something) bag with masks somewhere? Some of the fucking people here are stupid, ignorant, basically a trainwreck that hit a tornado that hit a volcano or something.They think their idk what and your looking at them like their fucking retarded. Someone (A.C.) worded it perfect like 16 yrs ago. "Never move to a smaller city. The people are nosey af and the cops are assholes". Everything out of them wrong from start. And why this? And why that? Still gardening? Kuhiwa "Jessica" Erwin, (preacher's daughter of Ted/Tammy Coody, HP Pentecostal). Kuhiwa's the bitch that lied to cops (Brown cop there, paper signed by Lunz) and put no trespass. Pretty sure she works with the cops. A lot of "answers" coming from (well just look at pics. of her). She's the opposite of me, literally in ways.Where are the warm and fuzzy out of state people? Becoming slightly hmcdl over all of this...
by Stiletto 42 July 13, 2019
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The warm, pleasant sensations one feels in the stomach and heart area when emotionally moved by an act of goodwill or love.
Watching children open presents on Christmas morning gives me the warm fuzzies.
by Stephanie M. December 28, 2004
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when someone you love or close to you says or does something that gives you a tingling sensation, and melted or warmed heart, sends your heart racing to the heavens, even the "good" kinda of goose bumps! meaning can be used on a friend, loved one, or your boy/girl friend.
girl says: you are amazing and you make me smile when i see you!
boy: aw warm fuzzies!!!
by KoyoteMoon February 4, 2010
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a note of praise that gives one a "warm fuzzy" feeling upon reception.

see antonyms at cold prickly
Alyssa - I think you are:
by KAZ January 1, 2005
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