Duncan is the smartest person in the world and is sometimes referred to as God of all Mankind. He is insanely funny with a sharp wit. He is abnormally kind and generous. He also has a massive cock that CRUSHES tons of pussy. The vag that he hasn't gotten to pounding yet, desperately yearns for a Duncaning* (verb present participle). He is seriously bad-ass. All men wish to be him except idiots and retards. It's because all idiots and retards wish they were presidents and superheroes. They don't realize that every president and superhero wish they were Duncan. He's probably the best looking human ever born and has won multiple awards for having the best ass. He won the Nobel Peace Prize for having the best ass. Duncan is very successful and has superhuman strength. If you are a stupid asshole motherfucker and Duncan sees you, you should run forever because he cares about humanity and will kill you for the good of the people.
The square root of awesome = Duncan.

The square root of Duncan = awesome.
by Filesonpaper April 29, 2021
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Duncan is the Best Ever. The Duncan is known to go out of his way to Make everyone happy. He likes to say and do cute things often. If you ever catch a Duncan Keep him for life. He is the best you'll ever have. He Makes the best mate & will also make the best Father. He is amazing in every & any way you could ever think of.. Not to Mention he has a bangin' bod. Duncan is the greatest you could ever find so hold on tight. <3
"Duncan = Perfect"
by L.Marie. February 5, 2010
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Duncan is the best type in the whole entire world. With outstanding good looks and amazing intelligence ( not to mention an amazing body). Has many desirable qualities such as courage, caring and protective.
Looks out for friends and family ( and pets) and is the coolest guy in the whole world =)
Awwww isn't Duncan the best <3
by m-.e-.l January 18, 2009
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A person (Not always named Duncan), usually male who you will most likely encounter early on in life. He will protect and nurture those he cares for and will attempt to make people feel safe and comfortable in his presence. Duncan's are usually shy and lacking in confidence but are overwhelmingly intelligent and loving once they get to know you. They are affectionate and more often than not, will be too timid to engage in socializing with those they love or care for. Duncan's will tend to be quiet and contemplative, constantly observing and thinking. They must be kept hold of at all costs when found as Duncan's are rare and most of the time will only be noticed by people much later in their life, typically when in other relationships.

Duncan (Gaelic) = Dark-Skinned Warrior
She never really thought of Duncan that way, but she realised that once he left, things were not the same
by DuckorTurtle? August 8, 2011
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Most amazing guy you could ever meet and once you meet him you better hold on to him. He will be shy at first but then you will look into his eyes and slowly fall in love and then it will stick with you. There is no stopping the love it's just there and will stay there for a long time.

Honestly it's hard not to tell him anything but you stay quite because your worried if you say anything you will lose him and don't want that to happen
He is just amazing i bet he's a Duncan
by no_hate_in_the_828 June 16, 2018
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"A Duncan" is the person that you fall in love with,early on in life.Your first love. Every new partner is measured by Duncan's standards.

Obviously, one rarely ends up with one's Duncan as a life partner. However until one is thoroughly over "Duncan" one cannot move on.

Even though "Duncan" is a male name, your "Duncan" can be whichever sex your first love belonged to.

Sometimes, it can take a great many years to realise that someone was your Duncan, but once the realisation has been made, one can start to come to terms with the reality that they probably weren't all that special, and most likely are nothing special at all *now*

In other circumstances, the Duncan relationship may not have worked out becuase your Duncan was a closet homosexual, yet was completely perfect for you in every other way.
"Remember X from <wherever>? He was my Duncan"

"Oh, Cyril from school was amazing, he was my Duncan"
by Just Liz March 21, 2009
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Duncan- (verb) To disappear without trace on an excursion (ie camping, field trip, summer vacation) and then to reappear from no where.
Dawg, we were all at summer camp and on the first day Spencer duncan'd and disappeared. On the last day we were all leaving and then he just showed up from thin air. He don't roll like that in Compton, Dawg.
by fredzenith September 29, 2011
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