An amazing girl, who is a lover of the good things in life. She's cares for many, and gets along with just about anyone. She likes to make people laugh and all she's needs to do is smile and people are immediately drawn to her.

Although she can be a little naive about particular things, she is still a great person who loves new experiences and is not one to be negative. She is not one to fall in love easily or constantly date, but when she does take the time for someone, that must mean they are very important to her. She'll care for the ones she loves and watch over them when they need it the most.

Because she is beautiful, she has many admirers, but -do not fear- she is not an unfaithful person nor promiscuous. She will always be your right hand as long as you are her left. She is not one to get angry or nag much but she will not waste her time.

She is very cute faced, but has a very nice proportionate body -from the front and back- .This is part of the reason why so many are after her; because of her nice body, cute face and kind smile. She has beautiful hair and is usually a natural-kind of girl that doesn't cakeup her face with weird colors/glitter. She also seems to be naturally talented at many things from different hobbies to kissing.
Guy 1 - What I would do to get a chance with Symphony .. she seems so genuine

Guy 2 - Man, you wouldn't have a chance, you're a troll compared to her
Guy 3 - She's so funny though.. I like her too <3
by Austin Hutchinson December 17, 2017
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Is a master peace written by a genius and loved by many for its brilliance and creativity.
by Thispagewasmadeforme September 4, 2020
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After the first child said “one”, the second one said “Symphony”
by SkaterSymph May 7, 2018
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Symphony was a victim to lauren and chase, they were pussy-ass bitches in fortnitd and used fucking rocket launcher
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A musical composition for orchestra in the form of a sonata.
by carpo August 23, 2004
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A sweet and gorgeous girl thats in love with music. She's seen thousands of movies. She loves reading books no matter the genre. She's always making people smile and always has a joke up her sleeve. She loves people even if they don't love her back.

She loves to hard but barely notices it. She can get played but still love the person. She's a loveable girl and cares for everyone she meets. She is a shy girl, but it takes certain people to break her shell.
Symphoni is a crazy and funny girl inside that shell.
by Symphoni November 22, 2016
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