A pleasing progression of chords, as heard in "Cat Empire"'s song 1,4,5. Feelgood and uplifting.
Me: Hey, what's up?
Emo: Aww, nothing. No, EVERYTHING.
Me: You just need a little 145, kid.
Emo: (Smiles)
by Jazz Diabalo August 7, 2006
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The girl in the corner, most likely to be left at or near the closing of the bar since all the hot birdies were picked up.
Typically, a grenade which the hot friend has left w/o her and the dude's wingman bailed rather than face the humility...usually picked off by a desperate guy or a bouncer.
See that girl walkin in...total 145'er! HEY WINGMAN !?!
by KA551 September 21, 2006
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A BIG! italian smack the shit outta you family member who takes care of business for that family. These arrogant bastards can usually be found crusin' the streets of Staten Island in SUVs wearing their NorthFaces.

Also the only weight that can be benched by a Staten Island family man. No more, no less.
Example 1
Carl: Yo, John my man. Hows it goin?
John: Eh, nothin much, just benchin the Big 145.
by Slim D. 2K12 January 13, 2004
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Anything can and eventually will have Hitler merged with it.
A solid example of Rule 145 is the sheer volume of Hitler-crossover fan art that appears on the web--My Little Hitler Pony, Chibi-Hitler, Fonzi-Hitler, Sailor Moon-Hitler, LOLCats-Hitler, Hello Kitty Hilter, etc. First used by Dr. Finney on his weekly "WTF FRIDAYS" column about Deviant Art.
by Head Trauma June 7, 2013
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