You about to catch a hot one.
by SmackAhoe July 24, 2003
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To smoke a bong, cone, or bowl of marijuana.
"Can I have another 'hot one'?"
by Diego August 21, 2003
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While driving up to Montreal, Chris blew a hot one in the car.
by Chris Delguidice November 18, 2006
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To recieve an "F." This includes: on a test, paper, or for a final class grade.
"Jeff How'd you do on that test?" "Man, I got a hot one!"
by Baybay boo June 4, 2006
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Hot one is the new slang term for a one dollar bill used mainly by African Americans(A.K.A. Blacks)
Black Guy 1: yo my nig wanna bounce ova to Roscos on 5th street and nab some chicken?
Black Guy 2: Naw dogg unless u can shoot me a hot one.

Black Guy: Yo dogg can i borrow a hot one?
White Guy: What???
Black guy: let me rephrase that...Excuse me friend may i borrow a dollar please?
White Guy: Sure why didnt you say so?
by DJ_JD August 26, 2007
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A popular youtube talk show that involves various celebrities eating spicy wings and talking about various subjects to Sean Evans, the host of the show.
I watched 'Hot Ones' the other day
by WaffleBees43 March 31, 2019
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