Abigail is a girl who will stop her personal life and go help someone as soon as possible. She is a friend to everyone and laughs a lot. When it comes to family, heritage, and close friends, she doesn't mess around. She respects you as long as you respect her. She is a beautiful person on the inside and outside but sometimes she can be your WORSE nightmare if you push it. She is also very loyal and a great friend to lean on. Also give's great relationship advice and sometimes is not even in a relationship. Its just like how a coach teaches but doesn't play in the game. Overall, Abigail is the type of girl you'd want in your life.
Damn, I could really use some advice and a little laughter, I'll go to Abigail.
Abigail is the best person I know, I'm so glad she is in my life.
by bhadieabby<3 April 11, 2018
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Abigail is a stronger and smarter than anyone expects her to be. She can be stubborn as a bull sometimes, but only because she is always almost right. Abigail has been through some more pain than most people can even imagine, but her struggles have made her indestructible. She is the most loyal friend you’ll ever have, and never judge her assumptions about anyone, because she’ll end up being right. She’s loved by those closest to her. Abigail is smart, but she doesn’t always show it. She knows it gives her an advantage when people underestimate her. Abigail’s only weakness is that she cares too much. She always try’s to put on a smile even when she doesn’t feel it, cause she doesn’t trust most people.
Abigail is a quiet and shy person.
by LittleMiss_Honey November 5, 2019
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Though us Abigail's are great , just like anyone else's lives aren’t perfect, we spread joy and happiness to help make us others happy , we’re tough and sporty while still being cute at the same time we can be funny if we want to and even if our joke isn’t funny we still end up making people laugh. “The fathers joy” huh. Definitely we carry that awesome smile where ever we go.
here’s to the Abigail's who are in that time in there lives where things aren’t going great .
if your reading this

i’m here to tell you from one Abigail to another

you are amazing and great and fantastic and a person that words alone can’t describe and where ever you live, near or far i’m glad to be sharing my name with someone like you.
by that’s what you mean August 16, 2019
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A flawless best friend who will always befriend the weirdest type of people because she is an original piece of art. Abigail will always be the first to detect your moods and cheer you up when needed. Abigail is a long list of adjectives mainly being loyal, beautiful, funny, and sometimes annoying. Most of all Abigail is one of a kind and is the best thing to walk into people's lives.
Get yourself an Abigail.
by -Sid March 6, 2018
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She is the most wonderful girl you will ever meet. She thinks she is annoying but she isn't. She says sorry a lot but she never does anything wrong. She's loveable and charming. Truly one of a kind. Her beauty is incomparable to any one else in the world. Her beauty shines brighter than the sun itself. Her smile brightens anyone's day. She truly is perfect. Not just in beauty but personality as well. Her personality, kind, smart, talented, loyal, loving, caring. There is not a single kind word in the dictionary that doesn't describe her. She truly is amazing. If you find an Abigail keep her. She will be the best thing that ever happens to you. Trust me.
That's Abigail, honestly I couldn't describe her any other way then perfect, because her beauty has me at a loss for words.
by TheOptimalCJ April 17, 2017
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Abigails are shy people who are generally great people they apologize a lot even though they didn’t do anything. Abigails need reassurance sometimes but are overall fun to be around. Abigails don’t take compliments very well but deep down appreciate them. Abigails have great personality’s even though they have a hard time believing it.
Person: Is that Abigail?
Other person: Yeah she’s amazing
by Averygoodgirl November 30, 2019
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A super smart girl who is awkward in front of people, but anyone can talk to her. She makes projects that are insanely good but thinks they look awful. She cares so much about everyone but is secretly hurting on the inside. She can be rude on the outside but secretly cares about them. She doesn't have a lot of friends because she (blocks out the haters). She also has a weird obsession with (cheez-its) and (pop-tarts). Abigail will stay in your mind (forever) no matter how hard you try to forget her.
Abigail only hanged out with me because I had cheez-its.
Did you see that awesome project? It must have been made by an Abigail.
by livinthatthuglife April 30, 2019
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