from the Scottish word meaning 'beautiful," also describes a woman who has a zest for life, is artistic AND athletic. She has a smile and a helping hand for all.
Once again, Bonnie is training for a triathalon AND cooking up a healthy vegetarian dinner. Later Bonnie will throw some pots.
by The queen of dean February 05, 2010
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A creepy ass purple bunny animatronic that freaks the shit out of you. From the game Five nights at Freddie's. Some consider t the scariest of animatronics, I consider it freaky-ass shit that shouldn't exist.
George: did you play five nights at Freddie's?
Bob: ya, Bonnie freaked the shit outta me.
by Selké the great February 24, 2015
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A person who is not allowed in clubs (especially Tinas), has large "lips", gets lots of DUIs, walks to favorite bar but is nobody's favorite. Often brags about reading and traveling, but nobody cares. Gets made fun of in group chats and is often lost but never found.
"Where is Bonnie?" "Watch yourself, or you might get Bonnie'd" "Bonnie!!!!!!" "Bonnie is no longer allowed at Tina's"
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by fakename2000 June 27, 2019
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A dangerous criminal from the 1930s, a bank robber; a character in the anime series Pokemon X and Y; a minor character in the Hunger Games.
Bonnie and her husband Clyde, were a couple in crime until ambushed and killed by police in May 1934.
by theone398 July 04, 2015
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Bonnie is one of the main characters In FNAF. He is the bunny, that everyone loves. We all ship him with Toy Chica cuz why the fuq not??
'Oh bonnies so hawt.'
'ikr, I ship him with Toy Chica!!'
by johnCena101 December 06, 2018
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Bonnie's are beautiful sexy girls. Their eyes will just haunt you. You can trust them with your secrets but never as a lover. These girls love parties and are best in flirting. They avoid anything that cause them limits. Love their family but spent time with friends. you're lucky if you're a friend of them but don't fall for a bonnie
Bonnie is awesome
by Luna kate January 09, 2020
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The most giving person on planet earth although the most self-conflicted. A Bonnie loves to help others but refuses to accept it. It takes a long time to get a Bonnie to open up, however, once she has, you know you mean something special and that she genuinely trusts you. She is the funniest person alive whose favorite things include: crying, laughing, watching/reciting vines, being erratic, depression, being slightly sexual, and walking like an ostrich. Once you meet a Bonnie, you know you'll love her, but be careful, it'll take time for her to accept.
Person 1: Who is that girl, she's so short and cute. I want to hug her and love her.
Person 2: That's Bonnie. But be careful, she will shrug off any affection.
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by Jacques LeG January 07, 2018
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