Super-bitchin', as in, "will occasionally be a bitch, but only to further the cause, or save humanity from itself."
They are often Virgos, and sadly underrated as World Powers. They also rock in the sack.
Bonnie and Clyde (you'll notice no one ever says 'Clyde and Bonnie')
by Dorfwood May 28, 2008
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a straight up ride or die girl who keeps it real and doesnt give a fuck; the essential dream girl
Man, fuck Sue. That bytch fucked some dude I met at the barbor shop. What I need is a Bonnie. I need a fuckin girl who would always keep it real with me!
by The Celtic May 20, 2006
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A Scottish word meaning attractive, pretty, handsome or good looking. Can be applied to people, animals, landscapes, etc - anything that can be beautiful. It comes from the french "bon" (good), and was famously used to describe the young scottish prince who was trying to take the british throne, "Bonnie Prince Charlie".

In America it is also a Woman's name
That's a bonnie cat you've got there

She's a bonnie girl

The sunset's really bonnie tonight
by hippyruth May 20, 2015
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Bonnie is a naturally gifted girl who is very loyal to those around her, she finds it hard to express her emotions therefore coming across as immature. She is the most beautiful girl who always has a smile on her face and can just as easily put a smile on your face! She is also very insecure even though she is reminded every day how beautiful she is!
Person 1-β€œWow that girl is sex on legs!”
Person 2- β€œThat’s because her name is Bonnie!”
by nugs&hugsnotdrugs October 18, 2019
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The most bad ass girls on the planet. They make new years resolutions to be more bad ass and eat nails for breakfast. Their conversations can be slightly revolting, but normally are pretty bad ass. Bonnies can be spotted by their dark mark tattoos and fake british accents. They can often be heard quoting Harry Potter or saying "filthy mudblood".
Bill: Hey did you see that Bonnie over there?

John: Yeah shes pretty bad ass!
by TheDarkLordHatesMuggles January 09, 2011
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from the Scottish word meaning 'beautiful," also describes a woman who has a zest for life, is artistic AND athletic. She has a smile and a helping hand for all.
Once again, Bonnie is training for a triathalon AND cooking up a healthy vegetarian dinner. Later Bonnie will throw some pots.
by The queen of dean February 05, 2010
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A creepy ass purple bunny animatronic that freaks the shit out of you. From the game Five nights at Freddie's. Some consider t the scariest of animatronics, I consider it freaky-ass shit that shouldn't exist.
George: did you play five nights at Freddie's?
Bob: ya, Bonnie freaked the shit outta me.
by SelkΓ© the great February 24, 2015
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