He is one sexy, awesome and amazing person. He is fun and will always have your back. He is a great friend very intelligent always there to help. He is talented in many ways he has looks, charm, and Karisma. He enjoys superheroes, popping pimples and water. He has a very nice dress sense always looking fly. hes favorite colors are red, purple and yellow.he has good taste in music usually comments or sings alone it's very cute.
Bonnie is one of the coolest guys gives weird hugs but tops it with his hart
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by mennäperille December 17, 2019
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With a name like bonnie, u pretty much know she’s gonna be a bitch.one of those who wear there skirts around there belly button.useally has a best friend who is nicer than her but thought of differently bc of her friend. Bonnie seems alright when u first meet her but she is prepared to turn her back on u at any given time. Bonnie starts in a new crowd with a lot of friends and then gradually bully’s each of them.
Bonnies bff) she mwa bwest fwend

Bonnie) no don’t say that I’ll lose my victims
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An "in the closet" lesbian that enjoys partying. Usually small and graceful. Also likes to steal peoples virginities
by Super Diva Novas July 02, 2010
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A horrible person that likes to bully their brother. Also known as sevan
by Seven #1 November 05, 2019
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a fat ugly bitch who eats McDonalds all the time and who plays fortnite all the times
Look its a kid eating McDonalds while playing fortnite must be a Bonnie
by KinG bOt November 07, 2019
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to be stood up on a date.
Hey jack did that gurl show up last night? na she pulled a bonnie on me.
by Crazzykuder February 15, 2008
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