It's like being "wasted" but wayyyyyyyy more "waisted"
John: "bro we were so wasted last night "
Dave: "you think that's bad, I'm still waisted"
by Johny Begood February 28, 2014
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Look at that waisted dude at KFC. Guess he should lay off the chicken nuggets.
by Pseudo-dim December 15, 2018
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The waist is the part of the abdomen between the rib cage and hips.
The ideal waist for a woman is 24 inches.
by Jorie Foy December 20, 2008
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(Insult, Offensive)

1. A person who is only good at womanising.
2. A male prostitute.
3. A Playa has-been.

A combination of two words: Waste and Waiste.
"Waste" being what the person is.
"Waist" being the only functioning body part the person has.
Colin is a real waiste.
The fair scot in room 4 is a real waiste.
by NAFTIHOSTELROOM2 June 15, 2011
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The part of the womans body which lies between the pussy and the breasts. Commonly called that because it is a waste of space and if it weren't there, then there'd just be tits and ass!
Noun - "I tell you man, if the waist weren't there we wouldn't have ta look after so much, and Vegas would be so much closer to Disneyland!"
by Uncle Sam's Uncle October 10, 2006
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Misspelling of wasteful by your A.P. Government teacher when they are helping other students and trying to prepare for another class.
Teacher: Don't look at my spelling mistake
Student: Is it waistful?
Teacher: Yes it is waistful.
by APGovStudenet March 22, 2021
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procrastinating to a large extent. Often before exams and such.
Dude, I gotta stop waisting and start hitting the books.
by Dog2121313 January 8, 2013
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