A girl who treats you with respect and wants you to succeed in life. She will make you laugh, and you really want her to be your friend. A Bonnie is also a freaky bunny thing that wants to tear my legs from my body.
OH SHI- *Bonnie jumpacares Markiplier*

Hey we going to the Movies? Yeah lemme just invite Bonnie.
by AllSilverAura February 15, 2018
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She’s typically on the shorter side, but none the less beautiful. She’s been to more places than you can imagine. You’re grateful if you can ever talk to her, but lucky if you can be her friend. She’s smart, kind, cute, stylish, and often described as an ‘anorexic roach’. If you ever get the chance to have her in your life, don’t let her go.
Ooh, look at that roach. They’re such a Bonnie.”
by anorexicgiraffe April 22, 2019
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A fucking bitch that snakes her friends. She usually lies about it, but she does. She would have sex with any guy and especially rich guys. She would give head and its damn good! She is normally shortish, sandy blonde, loves the beach.... and laughs like a dying cat.
Shit! that suck was gooooooddd that felt like a bonnie. Did you hear about what happened with bonnie, she snaked the richest guy at Scots!
by Sam Cattener March 20, 2018
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bonnie (or bonni) is a dogs name. please, stop naming you children bonnie, as i have a strong urge to tap my knee and whistle whenever i call someone named bonnie.
bonnie *whistles* dinner time :)
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some sketchball with a bald spot that stares at you from across the room at church and is a sexual predator to little girls and has frizzy hair and no manners and doesn't ask but commands. Also shes sexually active with the pastor and has no boobs!
guy: "theres a bonnie staring at you"
girl: " tell her to grow some hair"
by MattJaxon February 24, 2009
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When a man bites a woman's nipple without her permission.
"He just bonnied that bitch."
by joeasjldk May 19, 2016
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