Bon means especially good or special.
The eats at that new joint was bon dude.
by Smokey March 4, 2005
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Its nothing bad. It means good and it is a slang term used by people. It can be used in any situation and the person above this is an idiot. It is positive and means good in French thats where it is derived from.
if you have nothing to say...say Bon!
by thomas houshmanzedah October 11, 2006
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a sarcastic adjective derived from the french word for good
"i got 67 on the physics test"
"ya you bon physicist"
by lorenz4ever October 26, 2005
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a little fuckin bitch who takes it in the ass but his homie G shea is the fuckin coolest
he is this when he is tired
by john December 6, 2004
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A dishy shitbag; also can be a cocksucker, dicktits, shittits,
or Fucking Gay Douche.(FGD)
That guy is sooo bon!
by B-rad-geezy March 6, 2008
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Short for a cafeteria that is catered by bon appetit at several small colleges. Can be used as a verb if wanted.
Hey, you wanna bon at 5?

Did you guys go to the bon tonight?

I love boning with my friends...
by tyboisnumone March 6, 2009
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