Adjective: Synonymous with smegma or dick cheese.
The uncircumcised patient pulled back his foreskin, revealing a mother lode of sticky, smelly Boehner.
by Illegitimate President Trump January 6, 2011
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An erect penis. The term "boehner", also known as a synonym of "boner", was inspired by current Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Republican John Boehner. This has been partially attributed to Boehner's perpetual artificial tan, which is often likened to the hue of a blood-filled erect member. Boehner, like his fellow corporate-controlled Republican allies in Congress, seems determined to oppose and obstruct everything President Obama does. In order to show opposition to this unjust perpetual brinkmanship, a growing movement has advocated use of the term "boehner" in everyday conversation, arguing that Speaker Boehner is, quite literally, a "dick."
"Wow, that girl gives me a major boehner."
by broman22 October 2, 2011
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Origin: German

Meaning 1: To cry in public places in order to get what you want from your political followers.

Meaning 2: Gay sex between closeted Republican homophobic politicians.
- After being told no when begging for tax cuts for his wealthy friends, millionaire John began to Boehner on the house floor in a sea of crocodile tears while balling his fists and stomping his feet.

- After Boehnering relentlessly into the mid-terms John's voters decided to have a tea party for John to feed his starving millionaire golf and private jet habits.

- Newt always enjoys the Boehner he gets whenever he visits his friend John in Washington. He loves the scented orange vaseline John brings with him. Its only made in Ohio's 8th district.
by WisdomX November 19, 2010
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A Boehner (pronounced Baynohr) is a blunder, a stupid mistake.
Boy did I pull a Boehner when I called in to Slanthead and said members of Congress are a bunch of Chicken Shits. I meant to say, “Members of Congress are a bunch of Chicken Craps.”
by euphemismo December 5, 2010
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Noun, pronounced (BAY-ner)

Synonym for boner

1. Usually used when referring to politics, or political agendas.

2. Republican Speaker of the House
Person #1: You hear the Republicans won back the House, right?

Person #2: I know, right? God, politics give me such a Boehner!
by dreamzr4dreamerz November 13, 2010
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An adjective describing a person who fails to deliver on anything while trash talking like he is the most powerful person in the country.
If you negotiate with me there is a probability that you will get boehnered and be left very unsatisfied.
by rover December 23, 2012
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State of arousal experienced by a weeping man.
Chopping onions always gave the Speaker of the House a ginormous boehner.
by Tony.97209 March 3, 2011
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