posting or sending a picture on social media then asking “for tax” to get a picture in return
I’ve posted a cute picture of my dog for tax.
Take a look at my cute family for tax!
Here’s a picture of my wee wee for tax 😎
by ramasn July 24, 2019
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How come if I steal its called robbery and if the federal government steals its called "taxes."
by toxic720 June 11, 2011
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To raise the cost of something way over the price.
They are taxing for the beers at the Marlin's game.
by Wutsdaplan July 31, 2008
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Giving money you don't have to people you don't know for a program you don't believe in.
It's income tax time again. whoo. </sarc>
by timm December 03, 2003
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The other thing guaranteed in life besides death.
Death and taxes are two things you can not escape in this world. Believe me, I tried to escape both and now I am screwed.
by Mr. MD January 22, 2007
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stolen. to have something taken from you without your permission or consent, and without the intention to be returned.
dam, someone broke into my house last night and taxed my T.V.
by Bogan Bob May 21, 2004
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A percentage of your income that is deducted for use by the government.
John: I hate taxes.
Sam: Hah, loser.
by NotPieGuy January 19, 2021
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