Nathan was in his dorm, stroking his hard 9 inch when his dormmate Matthew came in. Nate gasped, trying to cover himself, but Matthew wasn't having any of that. He locked the door to Nate's bedroom and walked over, taking his clothes off and leaving them on the floor on the way. "What are you-" Nate began before being pinned to the bed, lips locked with Matt's. Matt looked around. "Got any lube?" He murmered softly. Nate shook his head before passing him a wrapper. Matt wondered, and then threw it, taking Nate by surprise and fucking him rough, cumming immediately into him to lube him up. He had been rock-hard anyways, his masturbation session in the locker room had helped with that. Nate moaned loudly as Matt fucked him missionary, slowing down and becoming softer in his thrusts. Nate wrapped his legs around Matt, already breaking a sweat. Matt grinned, stopping and slowly going deeper into him with those magnificent 11 inches until Nate was gasping, clutching the bed. Matt then began to slowly fuck him again.
Nate began to squirm under his roommate when the pressure broke and he couldn't stop himself cumming. Matthew stared in surprise before spanking him and making him shiver. "Lick all this off you slut!" Nate obeyed, and they were soon flat on the bed frenching again, before Nate took Matt in his hand, rubbing until his massive cock was completely hard and red. Matthew wasted no time pulling away and insead of cumming into Nate's hand, fucked him and squirted inside him. Nate moaned loudly kids from other dorms heard it, launching into a large orgasm. He was panting when he'd finished, the sweat dripping off of his lean body. Matt smiled, beginning to pound him again, causing Nate to bite his shoulder so hard Matt yelled out in pain and ecstacy. After thier wonderful sex, they both showered, wore thier pyjamas and cuddled on the sofa watching a random movie until they both fell asleep. What lovely Gay Sex.
by TheOneWhoAdoptedYou April 20, 2023
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Two or more men having a sexual intercourse.
Gay sex is when two or more adult males have a sexual intercourse with one another.

Kai is watching TV on his bed, when his boyfriend Alex comes home from the store. The two share a passionate kiss. Kai smirks devilishly and gestures Alex to come closer. Alex aroused quickly stripes naked. Kai does the same. Kai bends over on his knees into position on the bed. Alex quickly shoves his rock hard cock inside of Kai's ass. Alex pounds Kai as hard as he can. Kai's sexy moans make Alex come inside him. After Alex takes his cock out of Kai's ass, Alex pins Kai to the bed and spreads his legs apart while lifting them up. Alex puts his cock slowly in Kai's hole. Alex starts pushing in and pulling out at a steady pace. Kai moans while panting. After a few minutes they both come from pleasure. Kai, eager to get back at Alex, gets on his knees and starts sucking Alex's cock. Alex begins to moan with every mouth stroke. Kai starts to deep throat Alex and fondle his balls. Alex comes uncontrollably into Kai's mouth. Kai swallows it all and kisses the tip of Alex's cock as a tease. After the intense sex, the two took showers together and cuddled each other to sleep.
by Curious Bunny November 20, 2020
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Raiden was pushed to the bed by Logan, his cock hardening in his boyfriend's grasp. "I'm going to make you feel good, let's hope your brother doesn't hear us.." Logan smirked, and Raiden nodded, incapable of words as Logan removed his shirt in one smooth movement, pinching his nipple's. Raiden let out a soft moan, bringing Logan closer, wrapping his legs round his waist. They both stripped each other until they were French kissing, completely naked. Raiden let out a moan as Logan bit into his shoulder, before feeling a long, hard, protected dick slide into him. He let out a loud moan, gripping into Logan's hair as he was thrusted into. "Ngh~ Lo..." He started, before stopping the talk, giving into the pleasure. Logan smiled, thrusting harder, kissing Raiden and staring into his eyes. "You sexy slut~" He whispered, nibbling Raiden's earlobe.
Raiden smiled, hearing the bed creak, Logan whispering, the little *slap slap slap* of the beautiful gay sex. The door opened and Raiden's twin brother Tempest walked in. they weren't identical, but alike. "RAIDEN, WHA-" Raiden sat up. Shit. They'd been caught out. "DON'T. Tell dad.

My throat tasted like Terry's chocolate orange writing this even though I haven't had one for months. Someone buy me a chocolate orange.
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Mark slowly and passionately shoves his hard cock up derreks ass
This is gay sex
by Homoboi999 January 8, 2021
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Gay sex is when two men have sex
Gay sex is when two men have sex
Jason: uhh Harder dadddy uhh uhhh
Josh: uhh uhh

Jason:You got cum on my blanket
Josh: Just Fuck me harder!
by Sus#123 August 19, 2020
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