1) How many people you've had sex with.
2) How many people you've killed
Popular kid: Hey looser! What's you're body count?
Quiet kid:idk like 5
Popular kid: Pfffft, no way!
Quiet kid: Nah, I think we're talking bout something different.
by icantthinkofausername777 March 10, 2020
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How many ppl u had sex with ... oral or penetration
Mel don't think gettin her pussy ate don't count as a body . Head = body count
by Hellondascale July 24, 2017
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1 × the number of people with whom you've had penetrative sex, plus 0.5 × the number of people with whom you've had only oral sex. This is known academically as the Yochey Standard
by Academic Concensus September 8, 2022
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The amount of people at a scene or place. Can be used in different situations.
Cop 1~The suspect wiped them all out.
Cop 2~What's the body count?
Cop 1~Over half a dozen.
by Miss Potato Head September 15, 2010
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Your “body count” is the number of people with whom you had vaginal sexual intercourse. The number can range from 0 to 5. (After the fifth person, the body count essentially becomes a top 5 list.)

It does not include kissing, petting, oral or anal.

The usual stipulations apply. For example, what happened on vacation or outside of the country do not count.

As intercourse requires contact, vaginal sex with a condom does not count. (In the same way that putting on a pair of latex gloves, rubbing your hands together under running water, and then removing the gloves does not count as washing your hands.)
I kissed a number of boys whenI was younger, but my body count is only 5.
by DJ Sucka MC July 29, 2022
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means how many people you had sex wit
player #1: last night my body count was like 10
player #2: yo, that is soft, mine was 10 per hour
player #3: i didnt get nun
by virgoprincess April 16, 2006
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How many people you have slept with.
Justin: I bet Selena's body count is high
Niall: Nah she seems innocent
Justin: She's gotta have a high body count
by Fay March 21, 2017
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