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1) How many people you've had sex with.
2) How many people you've killed
Popular kid: Hey looser! What's you're body count?
Quiet kid:idk like 5
Popular kid: Pfffft, no way!
Quiet kid: Nah, I think we're talking bout something different.
by icantthinkofausername777 March 10, 2020

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Being sexually attracted to family members, incest.
Person 1: Bruh I'm horny I want to fuck my cousin.

Person 2: What are you, chromosexual? Eww...
by icantthinkofausername777 November 02, 2019

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Possibley the most overhyped car on the face of the earth. While it is a very receptable tuner car if you can somehow manage to get hands on one, in it's stock form is no more than any other RWD car with equivalant power.

It's a good, fun car no doubt, just not as great as 12 year old fanboys make it seem.
12 year old: Wow! Look! A Supra! 1000 hrspers!

Me: Bitch please thats a stock automatic non turbo supra that don't even make 300
by icantthinkofausername777 December 03, 2018

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1, technical definition) According to the Oxford English dictionary, an assault rifle is "a rapid-fire, magazine-fed automatic rifle designed for infantry use." While most of them are legal in the US assault rifles are hard to obtain. They are also very expensive to operate with the ammo and maintenance, and take skill to use effectively. "Assault rifle" is a highly technical term and only applies to a handful of guns.

2, Democrat definition) Any large gun that looks scary.

3, Repiblican definition) A buzzword made up by gun grabber libtards who want to take away our constitution.
1) I really want a FN SCAR but they're so expensive!
2) No civilian should be able to own an AR! That's an assault rifle!
3) Stupid libtards are trying to take our 2A! I'll keep whatever damn gun I want! Assailt rifles aren't real!
by icantthinkofausername777 May 22, 2020

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1) a manufacturer of luxury electric vehicles (EVs), famed for their performance and autopilot capabilities

2) slang/informal term for a car from Tesla (Model S, Model 3, Model X, Model Y)
fun Tesla fact: Just because you own one does not make you special or important
by icantthinkofausername777 February 26, 2020

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When a male, or a shemale, inserts their penis into another male's or shemale's larger penis through the urethra because of basic biology this has never been done before in real life and has only existed in hardcore hentai and hardcore yiff.
I play Kerbal Space Program a lot and tried to look up a tutorial on docking, but now I need thrise a week therapy because my horny room mate didn't use ingongnito mode for his "docking" needs...
by icantthinkofausername777 September 02, 2019

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1 (noun, automotive): An exhaust system mod in which all mufflers and catalytic converters are removed, literally having a "straight pipe" as your exhaust. Doing this will increase noise and free up HP. It is very illegal almost everywhere except in M town

2 (verb, informal, sex): {aggressive], rough, hard sex, usually used to describe rough oral sex, face fucking
1: God damn it I'm sick of hearing my neighbors straight piped Honda everyday at 3 AM
2: He Striaght piped me and now my neck is sore
by icantthinkofausername777 May 01, 2019

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