To vote it add something you like....Came into use after Google Plus debut.
I beer+ed last night.(beer plussed). meaning "I added (drank) beer last night"

+ me. meaning "Add me"

G+ me. Meaning "Add me to google plus".
by Ag Arillon July 20, 2011
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The act of adding a friend to your circle on Google plus.
"Plus me on fa...I mean Google.
by Eli Bman July 14, 2011
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To be acting in a homo-curious way, but among peers who have deducted the hetero-sexual lifestyle of the person in question. The word is a marginal insult generally used among friends.
Hey man, that pink shizzle is plus, but whatever.
by erik ud March 20, 2005
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A girl who is overweight, but not to the extent of deuce status.
I went on a blind date and was chagrined to find that the girl was a plus.
by Josh Guy April 13, 2004
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(v) to add someone to the distribution list of an email or message thread.
Billy knows about plants, so I plussed him to that question Jenny emailed about keeping ferns alive.
by Einar Ristroph November 12, 2019
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The dirty, eastern European version of "in addition to". Usually said by someone with an accent whose first language is clearly not English.
Hey Boris, get me some borscht. Plus to that, a glass of vodka you dirty commie.
by Boris from Chechnya October 6, 2009
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People Like Us. A subtle reference to people of the same socio-economic class.
I really like that private school around the corner. They parents there are people like us.
by Michael May 31, 2003
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